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OB appointment tomorrow. 30.5 weeks.
TristaJ90 posted:
so I am freaking out. I have my 30 week appt and my fiancee is not going to be with me this time. This is the first one he's missed.

Also, I had my baby shower yesterday and It was pretty fun, minus having everyone stare at me opening gifts, i'm too self conscious.

My baby is due Nov 18th. How many of you believe in "Mothers Intuition"?
I think I'll be delivering earlier than the 18th.

Alright, that was more of a vent. Thanks for listening!
kell0613 responded:
Why are you so worried that your DF isn't going to the appt with you?? My hubby has only gone to a couple of appts with me (the first, the ultrasound and one other one). I hope you do deliver is my due date, and there are no signs of labor so far I'm so ready to have an OUTSIDE baby!!
Me(26), DH(32), Baby 1- It's a Girl! EDD 9/12/11
RanchMommy1533 responded:
You'll be fine My husband got stuck in traffic for our first daughter's first ultrasound and i've gone to every appointment except for the two ultrasounds without him with this baby (which I consider quite a accomplishment because of my early terrible twos 18 month old who just loves to antagaonize my dr. and all the other pregnant women!). I believe in mother's intuition! I told everyone that I was going to have my DD on New years eve and everyone said 'nooooo you can't plan babies!' Sarah was born at 6:01 am on 12/31/09. I hope for your sake you get baby early, it's the best suprise in the world! Kell, i'm sorry! Walk walk walk!!!!
Emily 22, DH 21, Sarah 1 1/2, Charlotte due Oct 27th.
htma4494 responded:
Hi Trista, I have that feeling too...My baby is due Nov 9th, but I have this feeling like he's going to come towards the end of October instead...Either way, I'll be term so whether he comes Nov or late Oct, I;ll be happy
candy352 responded:
Lurking from 2nd tri...I can understand about the freaking out. My DF has gone to every appt with me except one. It felt so different without him there. I also feel that my baby will be here early too. I'm due 1/6, but I feel like it will be a December baby.
kd0erj responded:
My dh hasn't come to a single appointment...he doesn't get time off work. I was upset about it the first few appointments, but I got over it. As long as he's there when I deliver, thats all that really matters, IMO.
missashley1010 responded:
I can understand being worked up about your fiancee missing the appt. My BF has not missed a single appt. I have anxiety him there helps me be calm.

LOL you sound like me I HATE opening presents in front of everyone.

I have a feeling ill go early as well but im sure my little man will pull one over on me and come late just to prove me wrong lol.

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