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OT: Job interview question
earleyml1012 posted:
This is about my DH but I was hoping you ladies might have some feedback.

Monday DH has an interview for a leadership position within his department and he's the only one from his department applying for it. However, his boss said that she has 5 other canidates from both outside the company and from within. DH said he saw one guy come in for an interview the other day and he was wearing a business suit, this guy already works for the company. So I asked DH if he was planning on wearing a suit and he said no b/c he doesn't want to "flaunt" it in front of his other co-workers that he has the interview. I think he should since it appears good to the interviewer even though that's his current boss. Any thoughts?
candy352 responded:
I think that as long as he is wearing interview appropriate clothing, everything should be fine. If he feels as if a suit is too much, then he is probably right. Unlike the candidate outside of the department, he has been working for his boss and knows what is important to him.
klynshoe responded:
As a manager in a corporate international investment bank I will tell you if this was in my company he should absolutely wear a business suit. If he is serious about wanting the job, then his primary concern should be impressing the interviewer and not worrying about what his coworkers think. Besides, its not flaunting it - its showing his coworkers that he is serious about advancing in the company and there is nothing wrong with that.

Not dressing up like the other candidates communicates to his boss that he is being presumptuous about getting the position which could turn his boss off to offering him the position.
Amy_n_Matt responded:
Completely agree with the pp. If he seriously wants the position, he should apply with as much effort to make a good impression as anyone external would. I have *never* heard of an internal applicant making a favorable impression by treating the interview as anything less formal than an external applicant would. Your DH cannot assume that he has any advantage by already being in the department. He absolutely should wear a suit, bring good updated copies of his resume, and be careful not to be "too comfortable" with the interviewers just because he knows them outside the application process. If he feels the suit would be flaunting the application, then he should bring a change of clothes, but in front of the interview panel, he needs to look like he means business and is serious about his application.
htma4494 responded:
I must agree..As a business major, one of key elements to a job besides knoweldge and ability is professionalism..Professionalsim in both your mannerism, body language, speech and attire, and wearing a business suit evokes professionalism...
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I would say wear the suit. I've interviewed with my boss before and have worn skirts/pants, blouses, jackets. Heck, I even wore a dress to a fast food interview.
kell0613 responded:
Is his office so casual that a suit would be entirely out of place? In my office, yes, other than the CEO and CFO and VPs most people don't wear suits, just shirts/ties. I'd recommend he wear suit pants and a shirt to work so he's not "flaunting" it and then throwing on a tie and jacket just before the interview.
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