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Flu Shot?
aly192527 posted:
I'm due November 12th. I was reading earlier tonight about flu shots during pregnancy and how it can help protect you and baby. I was going to call my dr's office and ask if they think I should get one. I am concerned about my son being born during cold and flu season and plan to try and keep him away from people a little longer for that reason, but of course people visit and bring germs with them. What about you ladies? Are any of you planning to get or have already gotten a flu shot? I'm going to call my dr. tomorrow to see what they say, but would also love some other opinions from you all. Thanks!
sweets1988 responded:
was gunna ask my Dr. about the same thing next week for this pregnancy. i did this with my daughter 2 and a half years ago and i think it really helped her from getting sick. i got mine a month before she was born and if i remember right, she got her own shot at 3 or 6 months old. She didnt get sick at all til she was almost a year old and she was born mid March. I Due March 18th and am picking a day for the C-section , so your not alone in wanting to be protected for flue season. hope it helps ^_^
Amy_n_Matt responded:
Already checked with my doctor and got mine. It can take a couple weeks for the effectiveness of the flu shot to really kick in, and then our bodies can help provide some level of those antibodies to help protect our infants. I believe infants have to be 6 months or older before getting the vaccine, so babies due this season need the protection provided via "herd immunity" (everyone else being vaccinated and healthy!) HTH!
aly192527 replied to Amy_n_Matt's response:
Thanks ladies! I checked with my Dr. this morning and they said they recommended getting it, so I went today and got my flu shot. The pharmacist said it can protect the baby for the first few months of life outside the womb too. I went to Kroger for my shot and they had to call the dr. to get a prescription since I'm pregnant, so if anyone else is planning to get one at a pharmacy, you might need your doctor's approval first.
missashley1010 replied to aly192527's response:
I had my flu shot at my last OB appt on tuesday...It was awful I was sick for 3 days vomiting a fever massive headaches. I guess it will be worth it for my LO but boy did it suck!
Ihgirl1066 replied to missashley1010's response:
Got mine last week. Got the flu and swine flu shot with my son.
TristaJ90 responded:
I got my flu shot about a month ago. I had no issues getting sick or anything. I am due Nov 18th. My dr suggested that me and DF get one since we'll be around the LO a lot during flu season. I actually suggested to my mom to get one too. The flu shot is covered by most health plans and its definitely a benefit, but not necessary. As my mom worded it "what did the do before the flu shot?" it's all up to you!
Brommer0930 responded:
I would suggest getting the vaccine. The antibodies that you will acquire from the flu shot will be passed though to the baby thus protecting he/she when born.

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