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Is it safe to walk long distances anymore? Or could I
beautifulenvy posted:
I am 32 weeks pregnant, this will be my first and I had a small concern. Earlier in my pregnancy I could walk from my house, to walmart and back no problem. The walmart store is located about 1-2 miles from my home. Now, if I am in the store too long walking around, or out too much where it requires walking, I experience cramping in my abdominal area. Is this normal? Or should I be on bed rest?
RanchMommy1533 responded:
I would have to say it's normal, but you should probably discuss that with your dr. I push my DD in her jogging stroller for a cumulative 4-5 miles on our walks and the same thing happens to me. My midwife said that I probably wasn't hydrated well enough so we take water bottles on our walks now and I haven't really had a problem since. I'd still talk to your doc though! I've stayed pretty active throughout my pregnancy...
Emily 22, DH 21, Sarah 1 1/2, Charlotte due Oct 27th.
htma4494 responded:
Hello, most doctors usually recommened you take shorter walks once you have reached your 3rd tri..Walking long distance my cause pre-term labor and/or dehydration..It's good to walk just not long distances...I would definitely check w. your doctor for any concerns..
ReneeSP replied to htma4494's response:
My baby book says you should listen to your body - every woman is different, but if you're feeling a strain it is probably too much for you. If you're used to walking that much, it may just be that you need to be better hydrated as ranchmommy said. If you are well hydrated and still feeling its too much, it probably is.
1st pregnancy after infertility; Team Blue, EDD 11/30/11.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
As long as you're healthy, you should be fine. I walked around our state fair when I was 37 1/2 weeks along. I was there from the time it opened at 10a (actually got there at 9:45a) and left at 10p. I'm sure I walked more than 1-2 miles.
klynshoe responded:
I had the same issue. I have always taken a 3 mile walk with my dog and then about 28-30 weeks I would start walking and about 2/3 the way through I would start getting painful cramping where I couldn't walk anymore. I actually had to call DH on the cell phone and he came and walked the dog back to the house and I took his car home. He couldn't stop laughing at me. I was just standing there with the dog unable to walk anymore! Now, I can really only walk a mile before I cramp so I judge the distance better so I don't get stranded again. lol
YeagerV replied to klynshoe's response:
I usually walk about two miles a day and it has gotten harder and I am 31 weeks.

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