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I want this baby out!
cl1234 posted:
40 weeks and no progress. If I don't have her by tuesday I have to get an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid. Then discuss induction. But my BP is fine, baby's heart is red flags. I stopped working & I'm getting more pelvic cramps and my back is killing me. Ugh!
YeagerV responded:
Good luck!!
klynshoe responded:
Well I'm only 35 weeks and want the baby out also, but starting to get nervous about how something that big is going to come out of me!!

Be patient and let baby decide when she wants to come out - the longer in the womb the better for her health! IMO, doctors rush delivery too soon and use too many interventions that can be dangerous for baby and you. If you can stick it out longer try your best! My doctor will let me go 2 weeks past my due date, which I've read only about 5% of women go past 2 weeks so you don't have much time left. Best just to be patient if you can and wait for God's good timing.
TristaJ90 responded:
I'm 34 weeks and I wish my baby was out already too. I've had the worst pregnancy ever...
kd0erj replied to TristaJ90's response:
Me too. I have 45 days left til my due date, and every day feels like an eternity.

Probably just wishful thinking, but I'm packing my hospital bags this weekend...
charissahill responded:
Anmar22 responded:
I'm sorry, I know how you feel. With my daughter, my doctor made me wait 10 days past my due date before finally inducing me. This time I'm going to ask if they will induce me on or before my due date, if he doesn't come on his own.
An_240666 responded:
I'm also at 40 weeks and dying to have this over with! I have been for weeks now. My first son was 6 days late and I don't remember being this impatient to have it done with. Everything is fine health-wise, don't have BP or HR problems for me or baby, but my doctor said I'm not even dilating yet! I'm ashamed to say it's started to affect the way I interact with my husband too: I'm too stressed to think about having sex, even though I know it is supposed to help move things along!!

Any ladies out there have any ideas/experience for getting my mind off of this? I don't really want to rush baby out, (although my doctor did say she would consider inducing on Friday if I wanted), but I'm so sick of being pregnant and so anxious to meet this baby!
cl1234 replied to An_240666's response:
Scheduled induction for the 16th. I'm a bit freaked out about it. They start trying to dilate the cervix then hopefully I will start contractions. If that doesn't work, pitocin in the morning. If I'm lucky I won't be in labor for a long time but I have a feeling she'll come out monday. So taking the next couple of days to relax but resting isn't going so well.
Eileendd replied to TristaJ90's response:
OMG! I thought I was the only one. I am 34 weeks also and can not wait for this baby to be out already. This has been a horrible pregnancy for me as well. Although I know the longer she stays in the better for her. But my stress cant be good for her either. Well good luck to all of you in these next few weeks.

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