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Safe self induction?
kd0erj posted:
Ok, I am SOO not a doctor...but I am 37 weeks and ready to get this show started. I will be asking my OB tomorrow about safe methods I can try at home (besides the usual walking, intercourse, and spicy foods - NONE of those work!)


I went to get a pedicure over the such STRONG contractions while they were rubbing my feet that I had to leave before they could even paint my toenails. The theory is they were hitting some pressure points and contractions started. Of course, they didn't last (or you would be reading my birth story instead of induction methods) BUT I thought, hey, what doctor is going to tell you to NOT get your feet rubbed??

Making DH try it later today to see if we can repeat the process...
candy352 responded:
Well I did hear that pressure points do help induce labor. My friend was just going through this. She was trying everything! Castor oil, walking, sex, spicy foods, ripe papaya. The pressure points didn't work for her though. She was finally able to go into labor after a night of Zumba!
Candy 26, DF 37, Expecting 1st--1/6/12. Team Yellow!!!
kd0erj replied to candy352's response:
Zumba would do it...although I would definitely save my energy for the pushing. That's just me though.

Next, if the foot massage thing doesn't work out, I'm trying herbal teas...
candy352 replied to kd0erj's response:
Yeah I don't think she did it to bring on the labor and she kind of surprised herself, LOL. She was surprised she had the energy to even do the Zumba tape. Good luck sweetie!!!!
Candy 26, DF 37, Expecting 1st--1/6/12. Team Yellow!!!
kd0erj replied to candy352's response:
Didn't get the foot rub like I'd hoped, but did try the red raspberry leaf tea. Yummy! Didn't do anything yesterday, but was up for an hour or so with small contractions in the middle of the night.

Also asking ob today to strip my membranes...sick of random people at the gas station and at work asking me how far past my due date I am...and at only 37.5 weeks. Sigh.
tlkittycat1968 replied to kd0erj's response:
You're not even near your due date and you want to induce early labor? You do know that the longer the baby stays in there the better. I seriously doubt your doctor will strip your membranes this early.

Both my kids were born via c-section at 38 weeks but that was for medical reasons. If I could have, I would have waited until they came naturally.
leftcoastgirl replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Agree with tlkittycat1968. It's one thing to try home remedy methods that have questionable effectiveness (and, if anything, won't put you into labor if you aren't ready anyway), but I'd be prepared for your doctor to not agree to stripping membranes. Even the last few days and weeks of pregnancy are important for the baby's lung development.
Me (35), DH (35), DD (3), and our new addition coming January 9, 2012!
kd0erj responded:
My baby has been measuring consistently further along than the due date...if they had changed the due date based on belly measurements and ultrasounds, I would be at more than 39 weeks instead of more than 37. So there is a danger of baby being too big for natural delivery (that, and DH's family has a history of CONSISTENT babies over 9 pounds...with smoking mamas. Low birth weight? Think not!)

So yes, my ob stripped me yesterday, and said he will induce me at 39 weeks if I have not had the baby by then. He thinks I will go before that, and the induction will not be necessary. My cervix is progressing in dilation, so he's probably right.

So while I do agree with both ladies, that most of the time baby staying in until due date or later is better, in this case my body will not be able to handle a natural delivery of this baby in 4 weeks...and I am very nervous of baby being in too long, since I know several people whose babies died after going past their due dates too long.
Anon_239181 replied to kd0erj's response:
I have the same issues. They were unsure of my actual due date because of the neg tests when I was late, after having my mirena out. With my LMP due date was Dec 9th, with the 1st US due date is Dec 29th. My husband's family has very big babies as well. Him and his siblings were all over 9lbs, his son was 10lbs, his dad and uncle were 10lbs and 11lbs! And with our first we had to be induced because they thought that she was too big. This baby has been consistanly measuring 2 wks bigger this entire preg.

I had been having sharp pains, swelling, headaches -but no bp issues- so my OB scheduled another US. Again all the measurements from the US on Monday are 37-38wks. Baby measured 37wks 5 days, and 7.7lbs, according to due date I was only suppose to be 35wks and 4 days. I have a feeling that she is going to be here soon, I have the entire pregnancy. Just my gut feeling. So I also have been wanting to look at natural ways to start labor. I know its a concern for all moms, to worry about any complication arising and ending up with a c-section. But I do worry a lot about the size history of my husbands family and whether or not I'll be able to have such a large baby. I know women do it all the time, but of course that worry is still there. So I totally understand what you are going through. I would never want to do anything to harm my baby's health, but it's getting to the point where it's almost making me crazy to be in this state. Plus everyone says none of that is even going to help unless baby is ready. She seems to have dropped over the last day or so, so for now I'll wait it out. But I dont know now much longer I can take!

Good luck to you and hope all goes smoothly and healthy! : )

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