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Help?!? >_
MissParker5 posted:
I'm 37weeks, due November 22nd
this is my 3rd pregnancy, 4th baby
1st pregnancy were twin girls; had them @ 35weeks, healthy now 7 years old
2nd pregnancy 1 girl; went overdue and induced had a 8.9lb healthy girl now almost 2 years old [dec. 10th>
3rd pregnancy - is a girl..
I've been at work since 9am this morning. I thought I was feeling 'hunger pains' but I've been snacking on teddy grams all morning, drinking water.. now eating Jimmy Johns for lunch.
Ive had this tight feeling over my stomach - its making it a little difficult to breathe so I have to continue taking deep breaths to catch a breath.
I don't think Im having contractions - but any idea what this is?
I get up to go to the bathroom and walk around a little bit - no change, still the tight feeling - hard to breath.. very uncomfortable
But also it is not getting worse..
I went in labor with my twins but that was 7 years ago and I feel like I don't remember anything but delivering them lol.. and my 2nd I had to be induced so I remember that, but also had pitosin* so of course I felt contractions..
I'll be calling my OB when I get off here in an hour and a half but just curious what you ladies might think..
also I'm so ready for this baby, I'm not sure if I'm just HOPING its labor or if it may be the real deal [ or early labor >

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Anmar22 responded:
The tightness and difficulty breathing sounds like braxton hicks to me, definately call your doctor though if your concerned. Good luck!
MissParker5 replied to Anmar22's response:
Thank you! I'm sorry I'm late at responding.. I did call my OB as soon as I got off work - they ruled it out to be braxton hicks.. also I had a DR appointment the next day for my weekly check up. Everything is fine, I lost a little weight but they are not concerned - my only concern is I'm now 38 weeks and they haven't checked at all to see if I'm dialated =\ all my due date buddies have already been getting checked, I don't know why I'm not lol I hope I'm making progress though
bbcntpa replied to MissParker5's response:
Lurking from 2nd tri, but I really don't understand why you haven't been checked for dilation either. Seems like they started checking me at 36 wks maybe when I had my DS....but for sure by 37 wks. I would most definitely ask about it at your next appt or maybe even call and ask them when they typically start checking...maybe they have some kind of policy that they like to follow and they can explain that to you.
MissParker5 replied to bbcntpa's response:
Yeah I'm curious to see if Ive made any progress - but I don't wanna be like "Hey.. do you wanna check to see whats goin on down there..." LOL My mom says ask! Matter of fact everyone has said to ask.
But I have my appointment tomorrow [Friday> and I will definately bring it up - I don't care how akward I'll feel.
I'm getting anxious, antsy.. nervous, excited - you name it I'm feeling it!
mommyin2011 replied to MissParker5's response:
had my baby on7/31/11....when i went in for my check up (i think was around 38 wks) i told thenurse that i'd like to be checked, she had me undress and the doctor checked me. all u have to do is ask!!

good luck to you all!!
Me (29) DH (30) 3 fur babies - 1st baby: EDD: 7/31/11 - BLUE TEAM!!
MissParker5 replied to mommyin2011's response:
Thanks I finally worked the courage up to ask! I asked and recieved!! LOL I'm dialated to 1cm [ on Friday 11/11/11 > and today Saturday the 12th I lost my mucus plug at work! I'm excited but I'm not sure what to expect now.. I didn't lose it with either of my last 2 pregnancies so I'm curious what might happen next congradulations btw

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