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Where did your baby name come from?
tchance55 posted:
Just curious on how everyone who has decided on a name choose it.

My first DS is named Rashad after my DH's middle name and my secound DS is named Daniel after my middle name. Now that we are having a girl we wanted a name came from somewhere with meaning since our boys were named after us. We choose Victoria, actually my mother came up with the name, because it is close to a combination of our first names (Vincent and Torri).
candy352 responded:
Well if I have a boy, it will be named after DF. So he will be Dennis III. If we have a girl, DF came up with the first name. I wanted her to have my middle name and she will also have the same initials: Chastity Grace. Not sure why he chose Chastity. But I really like it.
Candy 26, DF 37, Expecting 1st--1/6/12. Team Yellow!!!
ktaylor11 responded:
I am having a boy and we are naming him Lenny Koleman. Lenny is my DH name and my paternal grandfather's names was Coleman. I decided to spell it with a "K" because my DD middle name is "Nikole" so the beggining of his middle name is the ending of her middle name.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
DS was named after his dad. That was my idea since we were having a hard time coming up with a name we both liked.

DD is Kylee Rose. DH came up with Kylee and Rose is after my godmother who passed away before Kylee was born.

If DD would have been a boy, the name would have been Colby Ace. We had the middle name (it was DH's grandfather's name) but were having a hard time with the first name. While watching a favorite tv show at the time, one of the characters was named Colby and we decided we liked it.

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