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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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Overdue, Induction on Monday 11/28.
tristaj90 posted:
So my baby is being stubborn-he's 5 days past due. My doctor has me set to get induced on Monday 11/28. I am nervous about the induction, but in a way I'm kinda relieved. It seems kinda nice to be at the hospital as labor starts, but I'm still freaking out a bit. Has anyone else had to be induced and what are your experiences with it? Thanks for the stories!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You could be like a friend of mine. Her doctor scheduled her to be induced on a Thursday and the baby came on its own Wednesday.
erin_addy responded:
I was induced with my first. I was super nervous too and its hard to sleep that night before and I went in pretty tired. Since that has been my only L/D i have nothing to compare it to yet but it went OK for me. They say that it takes a little longer than a normal labor would because they are forcing it. Some women say that the pains tend to be a bit stronger. But I survived! haha My advice would be to just start packing you and baby's bag now and get any cleaning or grocery shopping done now so that the night before you can just relax. DF went and got me a movie and snacks and i just tried to relax the best I could. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! Let us know how it goes!
bcfrost816 replied to erin_addy's response:
I wouldn't worry! I honestly don't think being induced is any differant than natural labor, people say it may take longer or be more painful, but honestly every delivery is differant with each baby you have, so who the heck knows if it would have been the same if you went into labor naturally.

In my experience, I had my first baby going into labor on my own and my second was induced at 3 days late. My first labor was 8 hours and my induced labor was only 4 hours. The induction was great, contractions didn't feel any more painful than the first time around and my labor was actually half as long as the first.

Good luck!! Don't listen to others who make you worry, just enjoy your day and your new baby
Courtney (30) DH (31) DD Peyton 12/08; DD Hayley 9/10, and new baby girl expected on 2-2-12
linnylou217 replied to bcfrost816's response:
I was induced with my first on a thursday and sent home on friday when i didn't progress (i wasn't aware that they would send me home but they can) so i came in sunday and was started at 7 am and had my son via c-section at 10:09pm monday night because he was face up and went in sideways. sorry but i think sometimes hearing the bad can help prepare for the worse, i went in thinking it wouldn't be so bad, but in the end it was an experience and you have a beautiful baby as the end result.
Anmar22 responded:
I was induced 10 days late with my first one, and I'm starting to think this one will be induced as well. Overall, it went great. I was in labor for 9 hours and had to push for 3 hours before they finally pulled her out with forceps. Not sure if that was a result of being induced or not. I got an epidural after they broke my water and the rest was pain free. I was aware when I was having contractions and when I needed to push. I don't regret any of it. I'm just hoping they won't keep me waiting as long this time around. I go to the Dr. tomorrow and I'm hoping she'll schedule an induction.

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