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Insurance for new arrival
Violetrevolution posted:
We have insurance for me and my elder daughter....but pregnancy is not there in insurance, we're self pay, but we have the normal health insurance. Well! I am finished with 33 week, so I was wondering, when should I tell insurance company to add my new baby which will be due in 2nd week of January. Please suggest...
candy352 responded:
I think it all depends on your insurance company. My insurance gives me up to a certain amount of time after the delivery of the baby.
Candy 26, DF 37, Expecting 1st--1/6/12. Team Pink!!!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It does depend on your insurance. My insurance automatically covers a baby as soon as it's born and I just have to fill out the paperwork to put the baby on the insurance card.
Anon_167186 responded:
Most insruance companys adv to add the cild within 30 days after birth
lbcash responded:
I called my insurance company just a few days ago. They said that I have up to 30 days after the baby is born to add him. And once I add him it will cover all of his expenses since his birth. But if it is after that 30 days then it will only cover those charges from that point forward.
Violetrevolution responded:
Thanks for the suggestion...I will let my hubby call the insurance and check with them abt their policy....
fiannakyn replied to Violetrevolution's response:
I work for an insurance company and this is EXACTLY what to do Or check the website, it should say when dependants can be added. Some companies also will "pre add" the child if you know gender. But you still have to call after the baby is born to let them know DOB. Never assume just cause there's a claim for labor and birth that they will auto add the new baby. Often claims are processed by the automated system which doesn't know to do that.

*For others reading this that have group insurance with an employeer- some company plans require to be notified by the HR department so be sure to check with BOTH*
Violetrevolution replied to lbcash's response:
Yeah! we called yesterday and they said the same thing...gave us 30 days after baby born to add in our insurance.....

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