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Induced at 38 weeks and High blood pressure
chell1003 posted:
Im being induced tuesday, Ill be 38.4 weeks pregnant. Baby is already measuring 7.8 pounds aprox. I was wondering if anyone else had been induced or had your baby early due to blood pressure issues?
DS-Braxton (2007) DS-Atlas (2010)
KBratt responded:
I have not, but a co-worker of my husband had her twins at 33wks because of blood pressure issues. She wasn't induced, she had a c-section, but they were fine. She also had GD & the twins were kept in the NICU for 3days but they all went home on the 4th night & are perfectly healthy! Good luck next week!
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lbcash responded:
I was induced at 37 weeks immediately due to extremely high blood pressure and my blood and urine test showed that I had pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy. I am currently on bed rest right now at 36 weeks with high blood pressure with this pregnancy. My doc said she will induce me at 38 weeks regardless unless I go sooner. I delivered naturally with my first and I hope to with this one too.
Linzcast responded:
Can I ask how high your BP is? I was just told that i'm considered chronic hypertensive and that they'll keep an eye on it and if it gets too high that I will be induced, I'm just curious what's considered too high, I guess I should asked the doc. that, but what has your experience been?
chell1003 responded:
my normal BP is 110/80's and the last month or so at my visits its been 140/90 and my last two were 150/92.
DS-Braxton (2007) DS-Atlas (2010)
mar09 responded:
with my first I was induced at 38wk high BP and pre-E. Induction failed and went in for an emergency C/S.I ended up having HELP syndrome ontop of it too. Stayed in the hosp. for a week after cause I still had the pre-E after baby was out...wasn't fun On 37 weeks with #2 and so far all is good, I hope it stays that way, but with #1 it came out of no where, no warnings at all. My BP runs 100/68 normally, when they tried inducing it was like 138/94.
Linzcast replied to mar09's response:
That's right around where my BP has been lately. I'm doing NSTs right now. I"m really hoping for no induction!
mar09 replied to Linzcast's response:
Crossing my fingers for you!

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