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"THE LIST!!!!!!! - As of 12/12/11"
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
This is our List as of December 12, 2011!! PLEASE don't forget to update with any changes or new LO names!

NEW BIRTHS-Congratulations!!
Stacy (shoppingdaisy21) - 11/1 - Raegan Louise (8:09am,6lb13oz,18")
AND Rylee Ann (8:10am, 6lb8oz,193/4")
Christine(Sweets1988) Sonya Marrie (11/11,9:47am)
Nancy (gamomma11) Nathan James (11/14,4:31am,8lbs,2oz,20.5")
Cia (Htma4494) Baby Boy (11/12,6:56pm,7lb5oz)
Patty (palvarad) Nathaniel Benjamin (11/22,4:44pm)
Charissa (charissahill) Christian Jonathan (11/22,3:24am,6lbs11oz)
Trista (TristaJ90) William Andrew (11/27,11:47am,8lb3.6oz,21")
Christine (ILOVEAGAIN) Skylar Rae (12/3,2:26p,7lb8oz,19.75")

Suma (suma78) - 11/2/11- Pink: Kamilah Ivy
Emily (Eeevener903) - 11/04/11 - Blue: Jack Henry
Kelly (klynshoe) - 11/07/11 - Yellow: If girl Evelyn Grace/Boy ?
Lindsay (bbayheart4234) - 11/13/11 - Blue: Harvey Michael
Jasmine (akjazzyj) - 11/14/11 - Blue: James Lee John
Nina (nblas) - 11/18/11 - Yellow: Keeping secret until delivery
Melissa (melissa5583) 11/18/11 Pink: Mikayla Diane
Aubery (aubery66) - 11/18/11 Blue
Christine (XtineG) - 11/19/11 - Pink: Cadence Nicole
Maichoua (Maichoua) 11/20/11 Pink: Undecided on names
Lynn (kd0erj) - 11/21/11 - Pink: No name yet
Bonnie (blondiebon18) - 11/22/11 - Yellow
Eileen (Eileendd) - 11/23/11 - Pink: No name yet
Alicia (aclelland) 11/24/11 Pink: Lilianna Elizabeth
Janice (JMarie_10) - 11/25/11 - Blue: No name yet
Torri (tchance55) - C-Sect -11/25/11 Due-12/01 Pink: Victoria
Maria (marydirt) - 11/26/11 - Pink: Isabella
Savannah (shearsill) 11/28/11 Pink: Peyton Marie
Jill (Jillrc27) - 11/30/11- Pink: Jennie Rose

Diana (DMJR) 12/04/11 Pink: Regina
Vanessa (YeagerV) 12/06/11 Blue: Marley Yeager
Amanda (Brommer0930) 12/10/11 Yellow
Janet (Grahambee) 12/10/11 Yellow: Olive Christine or Leo Griffin
Andrea (georgiamama) 12/11/11 Blue: Micheal Cameron
Natalie (extxdancer) 12/16/11 Blue: Luke
Diana (halfmilebrave) 12/17/11 Blue: John Daniel
Katie (ffwife23kt) 12/18/11 Pink: No name yet
Amber (KenziesMom12) 12/21/11 Pink
Gina (growingbaby) 12/27/11 Blue: Elijah
Misti (kodora23) 12/31/11 Pink: Alexandra

Beth (lbcash) 1/02/12 Blue: Corey "Evan"
Colleen (ColleenK32) 1/02/12 (C-Section 12/26) Blue: John
Candice (candy352) 1/06/12 Pink: Chastity Grace
Jenn (JennLoney) 1/07/12 Pink: Andreya Jennae
Amy (amykaelynn) 1/08/12 Yellow: Jada Catherine or ???
Katrena (ktaylor11) 1/11/12 Blue: Lenny Koleman
Violet (Violetrevolutiion) 1/14/12 Green
Marsha (marsharileylamont) 1/23/12 Blue: Kynon
Gina (blueskies2012) 1/29/12 Blue: Grayson Michael or Hunter Ryan

Sarah (batgirl19) 02/09/12 Blue: Not sure yet
Kelley (kfadak) 02/14/12 Yellow: Dahlia or ????
Erin (erin_addy) 02/21/12 Blue: Camdon Rodney
Kelly (Lysana) 02/24/12 Blue: Samuel John
Susan (Suz0918) 02/26/12 Pink: No name yet

Amanda (AAgreadillas) 03/01/12 - CSect 2/22 Blue: Brayden
Stacey (StaceyMarsha) 03/01/12 - Pink: Lyla May
Katie (KBratt) 03/06/12 - CSect 3/5 Blue: Riley Wayne


11/30: Katie (ffwife23Kt) - Induction/Baby Day!
12/19: Kelly (Lysana) - 3D US!
01/03: Amanda (AAgradillas) - 3D US!
12/20: Katie (KBratt) - Glucose Test!
~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
If you haven't heard this enough since you've been here... Welcome to the 3rd Trimester Community!! I'm so excited to be sharing this time with you!

We will post "THE LIST" each Monday with everyone's info, as well as this thread to provide updates we need.
This will help us welcome Newbies from 2nd Trimester to 3rd Trimester. And, we'll introduce brand new Mommies graduating to the Baby's First Year community to our Mod, Amelia, who will take great care of you!
Of course, this is optional, but if you'd like to participate, just post your answers to the questions below and I'll get the list prepared for Monday's posting..
  • Your first name
  • Your Estimated Due Date (EDD)
  • Your Team (Green = want to know the sex, Yellow = don't want to know the sex, Pink or Blue if you already know the sex)
  • LO's Name (If chosen)
  • Upcoming Important Dates
  • New Births (Congratulations!!) If you posted your birth story, please include the link to that thread
~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown
candy352 responded:
Chastity Grace was born via "emergency" c-section on 12/10/11. 4lbs 11oz, 17 in long. She's So Beautiful!!!!! Long version coming soon.
Candy 26, DF 37, Expecting 1st--1/6/12. Team Pink!!!
candy352 replied to candy352's response:
And it was 12/10/11 @ 11:43 PM
Candy 26, DF 37, Expecting 1st--1/6/12. Team Pink!!!
amykaelynn replied to candy352's response:
Congrats!!!! So happy for you!!
blueskies2012 replied to candy352's response:
congratulations on your beautiful addition. I wish you a speedy recovery & Chastity Grace a happy holiday.
candy352 replied to blueskies2012's response:
Thanks Mommies!!!
amykaelynn responded:
12/29: Amy (amykaelynn) Scheduled C-Section at 8am!
mar09 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Misa (mar09) 12/30/11(sched. c/s) - yellow

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