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Advice from moms with 2 + kids....
erin_addy posted:
Hi all. So every birth story that I have read so far for those that are having their 2, 3, 4 .... etc babies...their labors go VERY fast and usually 1-3 weeks earlier. I have read so much on how the second deliveries always go quicker but wholey moley some barely make it to the hospital! I have heard alot about how most dont even realize they are in labor until they are dilated to 4 or 5. This is going to be my second LD (my first was 20 hours long) and my question is....has anyone had a 2nd LD that went more than 8 hours?

For example this is just one horror story that has me panicking everytime I get a new discomfort as I get later into my pregnancy...... My best friend was a week from her due date and feeling great. The day of she went into labor, she went to college classes during the day until 2:30. Picked up her son from daycare ...visited there for a bit and then went and bought groceries. She got back to her house around 4 and said she was kind of getting crampy. She called her mom to come get her because she couldnt get ahold of DH. She said she almost died in the car because she started getting contractions so bad. They got to the hospital at 4:55 and she was fully dilated and ready to push. She had her little girl at 5:07 still in the majority of her street clothes.

IF that doesnt make you nervous I dont know what will!!!
ktaylor11 responded:
WOW...that does make you a little nervous. I am expecting my 2nd. My C-section is scheduled for Dec. 30. I will then been 38 1/2 weeks. My doctor told me Monday that if he decided to come before then we will just let him come. I have been feeling a little crampy off and on but nothing major but have thought about what if something is going on and I not know it. I went to L&D when I was about 25 weeks for some really bad back pain and was told I was contracting but I did not even know it. I just hate to go if its nothing going on but I surely don't want to be pressed for time.
erin_addy replied to ktaylor11's response:
I know! Thats my main issue is the time. I dont want to have to rush and everything be a complete zoo when I go into labor especially with a toddler running around the house! lol with my first I was induced so I knew the day I was going in and was laying comfortably in a bed when the contractions started. This time I am thinking its not going to go as smooth. If you dont mind me asking ktaylor....why do you have a C-section planned? Complications or accomodation reasons? I am hoping that my doc and I could work out some kind of planned induction.
kshirley15 replied to erin_addy's response:
I can't tell your from personal experience yet b/c I'm only pregnant with my first but my mom was almost identical to your best friend. She had a quick delivery with my older sister only in labor approximately 6 hours and that was from the time she first felt any contractions. She said she waited a little too long to go to the hospital but by the time she get there was at about a 5 and then within an hour it was time to push. With me she started having contractions, couldn't get ahold of my dad (before cell phones), he was shopping for Valentines Day gifts. When he finally got home, she told him they had to go now. It was about a 30 min drive to the hospital, they got her upstairs in a room, she told my dad that I was coming. He went in the hall grabbed the first person he saw, she came lifted the sheet and I was crowing. They wheeled my mom to the delivery room and about 2 pushes later I was there. The whole ordeal was about 4 hours long. There was no time with either of us for her to have any drugs and my dad actually missed both births b/c he was putting his gown on both times. Her doctor told her if she had another she might need to spend the last month in the hospital parking lot!

I know that's probably not the story you wanted to hear, but from everything i've heard the 2nd one usually does come faster. How fast? Only God knows that. I'd just say have your bags packed, accomodations made for your son, and if you start suspecting something is going on just go to L&D and get checked out. The worst they can do is send you home!
amykaelynn replied to ktaylor11's response:
I am expecting my 2nd one and I have c-section scheduled for Dec. 29th. It sounds like we are in the same boat Ktalor11. I have been having contractions off and on for the last few weeks. I think the baby might come early but I am not sure- My first one is 8 years old now so its been awhile
Isylya responded:
Hrmmm.... My first was about 8 hours.... my second one was about 6, start to finish. I definitely made it to the hospital on time.

I really think it's just different for everyone. "They" do say that it goes quicker for successive deliveries... but, maybe not for everyone and maybe not that quick?

I had a friend that didn't feel ANYTHING except pushing her sons head out! No contractions-nothing! The only reason she went to the hospital was because her water broke. Lucky! heh
bcfrost816 replied to Isylya's response:
I have heard that too, not sure if it always holds true but it has for me so far. My first labor was 8 hours from start to finish (not bad for a first time mom) and then my second labor was only 4 1/2 hours long and I was induced. So mine definitely got much fact my doctor has been telling me to make sure I go to the hospital soon after contractions start, she doesn't want me having this baby in the car, lol.

I really think that labors are just so differant and unpredictable, no one really knows. But I believe that the concenses is that each labor gets faster and easier.
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