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38 weeks 5 days - 3 cm dilated, 70% effaced
Violetrevolution posted:
Ok....I went yesterday for my 38 week 4 days appointment and I was 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced...Well Dr says now this week or most probably next week baby will be here....My husband is out on 9th and 10th, so I am just worried baby should not be out when he is not there....I didn't know what to do....just wanna baby before he leave or after he come...I just want him to be with me when our baby will born....Well! yesterday evening...I saw blood show on my pants and even on napkin, so I called Dr office..they's because of the cervical exam....not to worry, if it's too much then u have to it was there till late night...but then it was not there on napkin...and today again morning...I saw little bit blood show in mucus on napkin...well! yesterday night i did felt little poking kinda sensation like needle poking...but goes off after sometime...not sure that's beginning of contraction....suggestions are welcomed....pls. do pray for me that baby should not be out when my hubby is not there....
Lysana responded:
Sounds like a great update! I agree that the bloody show was likely because of the cervical exam, but you never know.

I'm a little surprised your doctor gave you that kind of a prediction. Cervical dilation/effacement isn't a great predictor of when you'll go into labor. I've known moms who would go in and have had little to no change in their cervix, then go into labor the next day. My experience has been the opposite - I've been dilated 2-3, 80% effaced starting 37-38 weeks with all of mine, and NONE has come early. We induced my first two, so I'm not sure when they'd have arrived, but #3 came on her own at 40w3d.

I'm not saying you won't have your baby early, but I don't think the cervical change is evidence that you necessarily will. You're just at that point where it could be "any time"...which could be any day now, or another 3-4 weeks.

Good luck, and I hope it all goes well - and baby comes when your husband is home!
Kelly (32) ~~ Craig (36) ~~ Eliana (5) ~~ Joshua (3.5) ~~ Rebekah (1) ~~ Samuel John (EDD 2/24/2012) ~~ ^i^ Pumpkin (March 2011) ~~ ^i^ (Jan 2006) ~~ Siamese Kittybabies Waller and Lessa (9)
AAgradillas responded:
I agree with Lysana. Cervical dilation doesn't necessarily mean baby is on his/her way out. With my first I was at a 3 for over 3 weeks and ended up being induced. I also lost my mucus plug, unfortunately I didn't go into labor on my own... So, hopefully your baby hangs in there for a few more days so your DH can be with you Just take it easy, and know its possible for him to stay put for a little while longer... Good luck and keep us posted!!!
Violetrevolution replied to Lysana's response:
Thanks for the reply...I'll keep you updated...
Lysana replied to Violetrevolution's response:
Oh - I read your weeks/days as 38 weeks even, not nearly 39 weeks. So modify what I said to it could happen any time in the next 2-3 weeks - most hospital-based providers, and even many home-based providers, are not comfortable with a mama going past 42 weeks.

Still, I'm not saying I think it's GOING to be that long. For me, my non-induced baby (#3) was 40w3d. I think you can expect your little one, most likely, sometime between 39 and 41 weeks. I know that doesn't help much when every day feels like an eternity and everyone is asking if you've "had that baby yet," but it's really not too much longer!

I'll keep an eye out for updates.
Kelly (32) ~~ Craig (36) ~~ Eliana (5) ~~ Joshua (3.5) ~~ Rebekah (1) ~~ Samuel John (EDD 2/24/2012) ~~ ^i^ Pumpkin (March 2011) ~~ ^i^ (Jan 2006) ~~ Siamese Kittybabies Waller and Lessa (9)

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