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    New mommies and post partum...
    Isylya posted:
    I was sitting here thinking "If someone would have told me what to expect AFTER expecting... it would have made my life easier." any tips, stories, funnies you want to share with first time mommies or even our veteran moms that just "forgot" what happens after giving birth? I will share a few of my own issues and hopefully not to gross you out!

    1. Yeah, after sitting for a while, sleeping or coughing... it is COMPLETELY normal to have little gushes of blood come out of your who-who... you are NOT bleeding to death... this can go on for several weeks! Just remember, unless you are filling more than a pad per hour, chances are you are fine.

    2. Post postpartum bowel movements: Oh, these are lovely. You'll be wondering why it's so big... where were you storing all of it and you'll feel like you're giving birth again... except without all of the pain. I swear, the evacuation process that happens a few days after having that sweet little bundle of joy... it's just terrible! It may also be a weird color: Green, yellow or normal... these are normal bowels for afterwards.

    3. OH MY WERD... BOOBS!!! Stinging, swelling... ROCK SOLID! A comfy but supportive bra and some cool compresses helps with engorgement if you are not BF. Be sure to have plenty of bra pads accessible. After stepping out of the shower, I have to have my DH hold a towel on them while they leak everywhere while I get dressed. It seems impossible to have them out of a bra and get milk all over myself! Tylenol and/or ibuprofen seems to help with the pain and a small fever is appropriate while you are engorged. They will also engorge if you hear a baby cry, water running or while you're changing a diaper... we're wired that way.
    See your Dr. if the pain is unbearable or if they seem very swollen and red, there may be an infection starting.

    4. Peeing... yep... lots of it. All of that water weight gain... and a for a few days you won't necessarily feel the "urge" like you normally would. All of a sudden you'll just have to go and you'll go A LOT! It will possibly burn and sting for a few days... remember you may have stitches and you're completely raw down there. If you notice you have the urge to pee every few minutes... it may be a UTI. But probably not.

    5. Make sure you clean yourself up well... like after the little sits bath or even peeing, make sure you "dab" all over, you may even need to hold a piece of toilet paper against your privates while you stand up or you'll just drip all over the toilet, the floor, and onto your pants. UGH! You'll be changing your clothes as often as you're changing Jr's.

    6. HOLY LIPS! Yeah, lots of swelling.. You'll be wondering if you'll ever be.. uhmm.. "attractive" down "there" again! You will. I promise. Just like at the hospital, soak some pads in some water, freeze them and use them! Keeping the area clean with that handy little bottle they give you will help keep out infection and help keep you feeling more human too.

    7. For me, witch hazel pads, lidocain, whatever other horrible little sprays and pads they give you to desensitize your area... OMG, STING!!!! Never again! Not for me!!!! Buyer beware... you may need to get your little bottle of warm water ready to squirt on there for some sting relief. I cried like a little girl.

    8. Feeling faint? A little verdigo? A little queasy? Normal!!!! This is my third baby, had it with every single one. Light headed, kinda weak... you just had a baby!!! Give your body time to recover, woman! No housework, no cooking, no standing for long periods... seriously. You NEED to take it easy. You are NOT wonder woman and making yourself relax does not make you a bad mother, it makes you a great mother when you take time for yourself. Be healthy for your baby.

    Anyone else like to contribute? I just had my baby, if I come up with more, I will write them down for you!
    Allaya9 responded:
    Haha, yeah I had all that, my baby is 4 months old now and I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. I bled for about 4 weeks, heavy at first then like a faucet, I got so tired of wearing pads. Also, the discharge will have a funny smell, totally normal. One other thing, I felt like a zombie the first few weeks with frequent naps, I felt exhausted all the time. Not only from the baby crying but from giving birth. My body was sore all over, I felt like I had been run over by a truck, of course I pushed for 3 hours so I don't think that helped lol. Good luck to all the expectant moms you'll have your little one in your arms before you know!
    Me(36) DH(37) EDD 9/10/11 Blue Team! Our first! Lochlan Sidney
    Allaya9 responded:
    Just thought of something else. When the doc gives the green light for sex take it slow because it will be uncomfortable, lub is your friend use plenty of it. Also, don't try to have sex before you quit bleeding infection can crop up pretty easily.
    Me(36) DH(37) EDD 9/10/11 Blue Team! Our first! Lochlan Sidney
    oboingo76 responded:
    Thank you for all of this! I expected most of it but it's nice to hear the gory details - it does help. I have expected to pretty much be a leaky faucet from every possible body part that can leak. You have confirmed for me! LOL
    Isylya replied to Allaya9's response:
    Oh yeah, sex was uncomfortable for the first several months... by about 6-8 months after, it felt normal again. Lube-that's a definite!!! You may need that for a while until your hormones and stuff go back to normal. You may be ready to go but not down south.

    I also forgot about the sore shoulders and back, especially in the epidural area-if you opted for one (which I did for two of my three pregnancies.. actually, I opted for it for all three but I was too far along into the labor process to get one for my DD). The epidural area was very sore for many months. Almost like my back was "out" in that spot. But, it was well worth it for me... I enjoyed a pain free birth, it's not for everyone though.

    Drink plenty of water for several days afterwards, too. It has been my experience that drinking a lot of water helps with those large BM's and will also help with water weight gain.
    I had my son 5 days ago and can already fit into pre-pregnancy pants. (I realize that this is not the "norm" but water has always helped me shed a ton of weight within the first few weeks-maybe it's unrelated? Not sure. Either way, drinking water is the best way to start on a healthy track anyways to lose the pounds).

    I've never had a c-section, maybe someone that's had that experience can shed some light on what happens in the after math of that?
    ReneeErin responded:
    Just wanted to add the awful night sweats. I sweat through my sweats and pajamas for a few weeks after having Lily. I also had a lot of pain in the epidural area for months and am not planning to get one this time for that reason- labor was only 7 hours, but back pain was for months.

    hmmm....I had forgotten just how miserable I was after baby arrived. I think I'll be more patient waiting for this one now
    Lillian Ruth arrived 9/9/10- 3 days early!!
    cjl0510 responded:
    For those C-section mommies! I have had two previous C-sections.. this will be my third at the beginning of April.

    -You WILL be sore. You just had major abdominal surgery. You will need help sitting up at night (and whenever you lay down) for at least a week, maybe two.

    - You may not walk upright for the first few days after having your little one. But as hard as it seems, it REALLY helps you recover the sooner you are able to get up and move around.

    - You can still breastfeed just fine after a C-section. It helps with the side hold so the baby isn't resting right on your scar.. or use a bobby .

    - If you choose to breastfeed, your nipples will HURT for a couple weeks afterwards. What helped me the most, was putting a piece of cold cabbage on them between my skin and my bra inbetween nursing. It helped more than ANY cream I tried.

    - Oh, and try to take as many of those 'mesh underwear' they give you at the hospital. I know they aren't the most stylish.. but I loved them for the first few weeks after my C-sections - not too much pressure on your belly!

    Yay!! And good luck with all the new babies
    sdadkin replied to ReneeErin's response:
    I had an epidural with my first DS and afterward I had shooting pains that would go all the way up my back for several weeks. Even after that I decided to get an epidural with my second DS (and I am glad I did!). I didn't have any pain like the first time. It just felt a little sore at the injection site.

    Another thing that nobody told me was normal post partum was your hair falling out. After I quit breastfeeding and stopped taking the prenatal vitamins, strands of my hair would fall out all the time. It wasn't noticable when you looked at my head, but my brush would be full of hair after just brushing once. And I would find hair all over the floor and on my clothes. I bf my son for over 3 months and now he is 8 months and my hair is just now getting back to normal!
    Me (26) SO (26) Carter (7/22/09) Mason (5/03/11)
    ReneeErin replied to sdadkin's response:
    Good to know the second one was better!

    My hair fell out like crazy at 3 months too even though I kept taking all the vitamins, etc. It's just hormone changes. Unfortunately the only time I have decent hair is during pregnancy the rest of the time it's super thin =P
    Lillian Ruth arrived 9/9/10- 3 days early!!
    cshyronia responded:
    Lets not forget the GAS. Thought the preganancy gas was bad.Wait till the after baby gas comes. Oh and you have no muscle control so when u need to pee go immediately because you wont be able to hold it for long. By my second baby i had no stiches. So i was sore but no stinging and burning feeling. My back did hurt for a long time after baby 2 and 3 but still will get with baby 4. After baby 3 i stoped bleeding after 2 weeks. I thought something was wrong. ohh and you can get pg while breast feeding. I am living proof by just turned 1 2days ago and i am 7 months pg.
    AAgradillas replied to cjl0510's response:
    Im having my 3rd csection on 2/21 and the mesh undies in the hospital were/ will be my BFF. OMG they are AMAZING and don't irritate the incision area at all, like most other regular undies do.

    Also, something I didn't really expect, just because it's a csection doesn't mean you won't be bleeding heavily after, you will... just as much as a regular birth... SO, be prepared!
    Amanda 27, DH Freddy 27, Madison DD 10/07/06, Parker DS 01/12/09, EDD 03/01/12 Csection Scheduled 02/22/12 for Baby Boy, Brayden!!!
    kamls73 responded:
    Lurkin from Parenting suggestion for c-sections, especially if this is not baby #1. Don't turn down anything that the hospital may try to give you - especially meds. My 1st baby was a c-section & I didn't take any of the pain meds - didn't need them (not even after I got home)... the 2nd time around - my tolerance level must have weakened cuz I felt everything!!!! Also, load up on the blue pee-pads they put on your bed (this is for everyone) - if you don't have water-proof sheets at home these come in very handy for both your bed & the baby's bed. Also, c-sections can use them as a barrier between incision & undies - especially to dry off after a shower & to keep yourself dry from the sweats - don't need to irritate the incision.

    Your BM after delivery - either type of delivery - is going to be extremely painful even if you take the stool softeners. TMI - I know - but mine hurt so bad the nurse came running in cuz I was screaming like a banchee! It will also take awhile to happen too - you will probably be sitting on that toilet for at least a half hour.

    For c-sections, the longer you can keep your staples in the better your scar will look in the long run - you also run a smaller chance of your incision popping open at the corners. My suggestion is to try & talk your doctor in to letting them stay in at least 7 days - 10 at the most, it gives the cut more time to heal.

    Don't feel bad or guilty about sending your LO to the nursery over night or even during the day. You're going to need rest. I know, people say this over & over again - but it's the truth, especially if you've had a section. Your body heals better while it's at rest & believe me - you're not going to get much at the hospital so take it when you can. I had a very hard time sleeping in the hospital, so DS spent every night in the nursery. You can always call down & have them bring him/her back to you if you're not sleeping - but only after you've given it a try.

    For swollen feet - I advise to try & squeeze your feet into your sneakers as soon as you can get out of bed & walk. It really does help disburse the fluid build up in the feet - it only took about 8 days for my feet to go back to normal after doing that.

    If you bf & have to pump give it to the nurse to store (with your name & info on it) or what I did was use 1 of the pitchers filled with ice & put the bottle/bag in that as storage - especially if it will be used within an hour or 2.

    Take as much as you can from the hospital - pee-pads, reg pads, bacitracin, vasoline, diapers, formula (if you bottle feed), the mesh undies. Don't be affraid to ask for more if you need it. When it's replenished, put 1/2 in your bag & leave the other 1/2 for the room while you're there. You're insurance is paying for it, so take it.
    hgreenwood7058 replied to kamls73's response:
    This is a lot fo good information that people really won't tell you. This is my 1st little one to go through this with so all this information I find very very helpful. Thank you ladies.
    hgreenwood7058 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    Also was told by my uncles wife something about getting some hemorroid cream or something like that?
    Isylya replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    Yeah... Not everyone will experience exactly the same way and may not experience much of this, but it's good to know if you think something is wrong. I freaked out over every little ache, pain, bleeding..etc. after giving birth. Now after 3 of them, I've pretty much reacted the same way with all of them and have realized that it was all normal to experience.

    Another thing, now 2 1/2 weeks PP for me... If I do "too much" around the house, I start getting period like cramps and bleed a little more than I have when at rest. My bladder is also still a little sore-kind of feels like a small stinging near the end of urinating-I believe that this is from having a catheter during my epidural (it doesn't stay in, but they empty your bladder frequently during labor, you won't feel it when you're numb down there). I had this with my last two as well.
    Bleeding may be more first thing in the morning-blood has pooled in your vagina over night, so when you stand up, it'll feel like a small gush.

    I agree with Kamls=take everything they give you and ask for more!! They love giving you all of that stuff and really load you up! I didn't need to buy pads after.. although I did buy the ultra slim overnights just for comfort. I don't really like the mattress between my legs, heh.

    I also agree with letting little one go to the nursery when you want to sleep. It was a life saver after giving birth!! They take great care of your little muffin so you can get some rest, take a shower, eat in peace, whatever you want to do.

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