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    Monday Updates (2/13)
    hgreenwood7058 posted:
    Heather and Carson


    w/g: 24lb 2 oz as of wednesday.

    s/c: Some swelling in my hands and teeny bit in my feet. I think I figured out part of the reason I have more pain at night than during the day. When I went to see my OB on wednesday lil man had his elbow in my Left round ligament so whenever she would push on it, it would hurt. Well then I got to thinking that I lay on my sides when attempting to sleep and thats when the pain picks up a lot more. I am thinking its because my belly is putting a lot more pressure on the ligaments and in turn making it hurt more. Only bad thing is I also can't lay on my back because then both sides hurt.Bleh. Other than that just the normal pregnancy stuff. Still trying to get rid of the cough. Oh and having lovely dizzy spells too.

    other: I have been doing some nesting type things this weekend. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment right now and we put the crib in the spare room (which we used as a office/play the wii and such) and so every square inch of the spare room has been taking up and our closets have been very full everywhere in the apt. I managed to get some clear storage bin for our hallway closet and was able to clear out two of the shelves completely which is a lot of room in there. And then I also was able to move and stack things in the spare room closet and actually made almost half the closet available. As well as cleaning other things as well. Now I feel better because we have room for things that we will get during our baby showers.

    Next d/a: 2/22
    lobermann responded:
    Heather, I know exactly where you are coming from!! I am the same way only it is my right side!! I usually end up on the couch. So how taht is more comfortable.

    Leslie and David

    34w and 5 days

    w/g: About 25-30lbs (we don't know how much I weighed before I got pregnat so that is a guess)

    s/c: Swelling in my ankles, my blood pressure is high for me, and there is some protein in my urine. So, they did a 24 urine sample and I gave more blood. My placenta has moved some, but not enough so they scheduled a C-Section for March 20th. I am waiting for blood work to come back to see if I am a carrier for Factor 9 as my mom is.

    other: Totally wanting to do more then I can right now. I want to clean everything in the house. I want to get David's room done and well for some reason (well not some reason, money is the reason) my husband keeps procastinating. I know he wants to get the stuff done too, but he doesn't understand fully how it is harder for me to control the nesting then it is for him.

    Next d/a:2/23
    KBratt responded:
    Katie & Riley


    w/g: 6lbs

    s/c: Constant hip/pelvic pain ( I can barely walk, can't roll over in bed by myself), RLP, ECP, swelling in feet & hands, constipation, congestion, coughing, just generally feel like crap!

    Other: Dr gave me 2 Ambien to take to get some rest because she thought a lot of my issues were related to not sleeping enough...I am a stay at home mom of a 19mo & yes I pretty much over do it everyday but I really don't have a I took the first one that night (last Friday) & never fell asleep...I was relaxed but not asleep. I was afraid it was because DH works on Saturdays so my conscious wouldn't let me fall asleep in case I didn't wake up for DD (even though I went to bed super early while DH was still up with her so I could get in at least 12hrs before she woke up, but still) So I took the other one this past Saturday my mom had DD for the night & DH was home Sunday & still didn't make me fall asleep! So, that was a waste...but anyways. I am so ready to have this baby it's not even funny! I am in pain everyday, I am NEVER comfortable & to think that I still have 3weeks left is absolutely miserable to me! I had DD at 32w6d- so at this point she was already 4wks old & had been home from the NICU for 5days...I am also tired of people telling me to let him "cook" as long as possible because I don't need another NICU baby- I NEED to be able to function for my family! at this point I have pretty much given up on grocery shopping & I am useless by the time DH gets home every night because I am in so much pain! He & DD need me too! Plus if baby was born right chances of him having to be in NICU are slim to none, & even if he was there it wouldn't be for more then a couple days- which I have to be there too because I am having a c-section! UGH, ok. I think that is it...

    Next d/a: 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/5 c-section scheduled 3/9
    Katie 24; DH-Ryan 23; DD-Kelsey 7/4/10; DS Riley Wayne EDD 3/6/12
    oboingo76 responded:
    Christina & Lilia

    38w 1d

    w/g: 24 lbs

    Last week I had bronchitis and a horrible cold and have now been taking amoxicillin for 8 days and I feel MUCH better. Sinuses are still congested but I have this feeling that will last until after the baby is born. Palpitations are also still under control, so I really have to say I can't complain! With those two things under wraps I feel I'm physically ready to deliver.

    I do have a feeling my girl doesn't want to come out and will probably come near or after her due date. I'd LOVE for her to come any day now but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

    I woke up this morning and told my husband "if I weren't pregnant right now I'd be sure I was getting my period today". I woke up crampy and have a lot of pressure in the cervix/groin area. However, I know a lot of people walk around like this for weeks so I haven't taken this as a sign that labor is about to begin.

    We're pretty much ready for her to arrive though! Her room is done, I have bags mostly packed for the hospital and everything of hers is clean and ready to go.

    Today is my last day of work - thankfully my employer begins our short term disability benefits 2 weeks prior to your due date. I feel very strange knowing I only have about 45 minutes left of work for about 11 weeks. It will be a nice break, honestly I don't think pregnant women this late in the game are mentally fit for the work place!
    Jackie03291 responded:
    Jackie & Baby Girl

    w/g: About 25lbs.

    s/c: HORRIBLE pain in my lower right abdomen since Friday and it has now moved down to include my entire crotch area. I am so uncomfortable and in so much pain! Pretty much any movement, but especially anything that involves moving my legs causes me to want to cry! I am just hoping that baby is in some weird position or hitting a nerve or something that will eventually go away if she moves!

    other: Still trying to agree on a name! I am also coming down with a bad head cold, so I have to stop and get some tylenol cold on my way home from work so I can get some relief in my sinuses hopefully! I plan to go home from work, order pizza because I refuse to cook tonight, plop a movie in for my 3 year old and me and lay there until it is time for her to go to bed! I cannot do any playing tonight!

    Next d/a: 2/22
    Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava 10/14/08 Baby Girl 2 due 5/4/12
    bbcntpa responded:
    Heather, do you try sleeping with a pilow wedged underneath your side, between your belly and the bed? This helps support the weight of your belly and relieve some of the pain/tension. If that's not working for you, Lobermann is right too...for some reason sleeping on the couch can be sooooo much more comfortable.

    Brook and DBC

    28w 4d

    w/g: 10 lbsan-

    s/c: Not much that's just pregnancy related....mostly just the constant urge to pee, especially when LO uses my bladder as a trampoline! Other than that, I'm having flare ups of pain in my tailbone, which I cracked about 12 yrs ago....happens after I've been sitting a while. Also still have my cough going on 4 weeks now, but I managed to pull a muscle or something a few days ago, so now my cough is painful. That's about it.

    Other: We managed to make some awesome Craigslist purchases for the baby this wknd......a brand new crib and a changing table/dresser. I also bought some baby clothes (retail), the first I've bought for this LO. Also found out that I am eligible for FMLA at my job after was questionable b/c of the type of position I that was good news. AND, we found out today we're eligible for military financial assistance for childcare. Such a stress relief! Even better, I'm almost done filing our taxes
    Brook (34), DH (38), DS (almost 4), EDD 5/3/12 - csection 4/27/12, Pink!
    bbcntpa replied to bbcntpa's response:
    ...and it looks like we'll have a decent reserve fund while I'm out of work on maternity leave. If only we could sale our house in LA all would be perfect!

    next d/a: 3/7
    Brook (34), DH (38), DS (almost 4), EDD 5/3/12 - csection 4/27/12, Pink!
    tdawntaylor responded:
    Taylor & Bryson

    w/g: -3 lbs

    s/c: Lost my mucous plug last week, and as of yesterday have been having contractions about 1.5 hours apart. At least I am fairly certain they are contractions. By that I mean I am getting very very shapr pains through my entire lower abdomen and back that are preventing me from moving, speaking, or doing anything other than bite the nearest thing to my mouth and cry. I have been losing some weight over the last week, and I'm really worried this little boy is gonna come too soon. I have also been throwing up every time I eat or drink ANYTHING since the pains started.

    other: Got all Brysons clothes washed and sorted, and his room would be totally done if his daddy would finish building the changing table. Unfortunately, I have ZERO interest in cleaning any other part of the house. Blahhhh.

    Next d/a: 2/21
    Taylor-21 Nick-25
    Angel Baby Lost 6/20/11 Bryson Scott Due 4/21/12
    ReneeErin replied to tdawntaylor's response:
    Taylor- hopefully you make it further. I lost my mucus plug over a week ago and have been having contractions, but all is well. Dr. isn't too worried.

    Erin and Owen

    32 weeks 4 days

    gained about 20 pounds- been stable a couple weeks- yay!

    Lost mucus plug last week, dilated to 2 cm, contractions on and off but mostly just BH mixed with a few real ones. Lots of butt pressure and some pelvic pain, but not nearly as bad as with Lily. Swelling in sensitive areas especially- I think due to varicose veins. Just tired all the time and getting to the miserable part of pregnancy. Ready to be done, even though I have a little over a month and a half left =P Lifting my 17 month old is tough and getting worse every week. Poor baby girl.

    We're ready for baby since he's not getting a room or crib.

    Next d/a 2/20
    Lillian Ruth arrived 9/9/10- 3 days early!!
    AmyLynnCampbell responded:
    Amy and Zane (we think)
    w/g: 27 lbs. at my 34 week visit
    s/c: I am swelling now too. Can't wear my wedding ring anymore. It's mainly my hands that are the wrost, sometimes my feet by the end of the day. Much RLP and basic uncomfort at this point. Hard to sleep, have to pee all the time, tired, and grumpy about sums up this week. lol. This being my second pregnancy I'm just over it. It's not all new and exciting as it was the 1st round, plus now I'm exhausted with my toddler. Heartburn is getting worse.
    other: I'm excited for my baby shower on Sat. and then I have a work one on 2-27 also. Not so excited about weekly appts. now starting next week. I have been nesting and getting a lot of basic cleaning at home. I think it's cruel that we nest so late in the pregnancy as your so big you don't want to do anything, but you have to. lol. Call me crazy, but I have this weird feeling that I'm not going to make it until my planned C-section on 3-14. I'm been having contractions already. My first son was early himself. ANd it runs in my family. Both my sisters were early. Her 2nd she didn't mkae her planned C-section. I guess we'll see what happens. I really need to get stuff done. We have so much to do.
    cjl0510 responded:
    Christy & Rye


    w/g: 24lbs

    s/c: Back's getting pretty sore these days. Not much seems to help it. Having a hard time sleeping, not really sure why - I'm always tired!! haha. Heartburn.. but since we've raised the head of the bed, it's gone down quite a bit. Besides that, not too many complaints (as of today- lol) - OH except I am really emotional!

    other: I've looked into those post-partum belly bands that are suppose to help you heal after you have a c-section, and I'm actually pretty excited to use it (I have had two previous c-sections) . Both my little boys are excited to have a little brother coming soon - they already kiss my belly everyday. It's so cute.

    Next d/a: 2/23
    cshyronia responded:
    32 weeks 0 days
    11 pds gained as of 2/14

    I had the worse tooth ache in the world. They wanted to do a root canal i just had it pulled. Then I kept feeling scraping they lft a bone that was stabing me in the jaw so they had to go and break the bone told me it was small no need to numb. Felt like they ripped my face off. I have never felt so much pain in my life. called my ob he called in some pain meds for me. They did take pain away but also made me feel nauseated.

    Besides that I am exhausted . I get off work dont want to cook just want to sleep. unfortunately me and DF work different shifts . So he goes at 3pm and I get off at 5pm. So I have the 4yr old and 1 yr old . So I have to stay up and get dinner. Lucky me I do have them on schedule so they go to sleep at 8:30 pm and I am right behind them.

    I have my baby shower comming up 3/10 and them i will be moving on 4/1. Lot comming up no energy.

    next d/a 2/28
    mlynn927 responded:
    Michelle & Ryan

    38 weeks today!

    w/g -- ~6.5lbs total

    s/c -- Plenty of back/hip pain, especially after laying on my too-squishy couch. I will have the doc check at my appt. tomorrow, but think she has dropped (though she was already sitting very low). A bit of hand/feet swelling over the past couple of weeks, but not too bad. Have been slowly losing mucus plug over the past few days. Just general discomfort -- pressure & pains in cervix/pelvis when she moves against them & the sort.

    other -- A bit of background: after going in for our scheduled sono at 21wks, it was discovered that I have an Incompetent Cervix; I was dialated to ~3cm & the amniotic sac was starting to dumbbell into the cervix. An emergency cerclage was placed, stitching my cervix back shut, and I was put on strict bedrest. Baby has done beautifully & has stayed put longer than we ever thought she would. They removed the cerclage this past Monday (2/13), so now we are really just waiting for her to make her appearance. After trying to keep her in for so long I am SO ready for her to be here!!!
    mlynn927 replied to mlynn927's response:
    Correction: Ryan is my DH, not baby's name! THINK we have the name picked, but not 100% yet, so she's still just Baby Girl for now!

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