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Night chills?
mocha85 posted:
Hey everyone- the craziest thing just happend to me! I woke up out of a sound sleep shivering like crazy! It's not cold in my house- probably like 63 ( I get hot at night!) I was wearing a tshirt and shorts, and covered up in a light blanket. I tried to calm myself down enough to get up and go to the bathroom...then put on warm pants and a heavy robe. Seemed to I feel hot. Took my temp and it was 99.4. Anyone else have a similar experience? Maybe I just had a bad dream..who knows, but it definetely freaked me out I'm 31 wks 6 days.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Might have been a slight bug that your body decided to fight off. I got to bed being a bit cold and within like 5-10 minutes I am roasting. Within an hour I am sleeping with just a sheet and pj pants and a bra (or tank depending on the day). Getting to the point where I feel like I am in an oven even with the sheet. Lately I have found that I just use the sheet as extra padding like a pillow. Best wishes
KBratt responded:
LOL, first of all you are NUTS! 63 is freezing!! I run my heat if it goes under 67 in my house. & I am just like hgreenwood7058 I roast within 30 mins of going to bed! All I sleep in is lil shorts & tank tops and even if I am freezing when I get in bed I am sweating in just a short while...& I sleep alone. If it continues or you have a fever I would say call your dr.
Katie 24; DH-Ryan 23; DD-Kelsey 7/4/10; DS Riley Wayne EDD 3/6/12
mocha85 replied to KBratt's response:
I am nuts! LOL. My poor husband is like an icicle in the morning! They moved my dr appt up to today, and my bp was fine; my dr wasn't concerned about my fevers/chills too much, although he did order lab work to see if I had Mono or some other infection I can't remember the name of. I've just been exhausted career revolves around pregnant mommies, babies and toddlers...and one of my client's delivered a stillbirth late last week. I'm a big support system for her, so it's been a little draining. So I'm thinking stress has a lot to do with it. Anyway- taking the next 2 days off to regroup hopefully I can kick this fever/chills issue.
tdawntaylor responded:
Hope you're starting to feel better today!

We have to turn the heat off at night in my house too. DH says I'm his human heater, and I sleep in only panties with no blankets or anything. I'm just glad to be having this baby before it actually gets hot, I don't think I could stand it throught the summer!
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hgreenwood7058 replied to mocha85's response:
Hopefully the time off will help. Glad the bp was fine. Its good they atleast checked to see if you had some other yuck. I am sorry about your client. I don't even want to imagine. I could see the stress impacting a bit. Hugs and best wishes
mocha85 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
The time off has definetely helped. I'm actually feeling pretty great today:) I might even get out of the house! lol Although we had a little snowstorm last night, and it looks pretty yucky outside....but I may go anyway. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone:)
cshyronia responded:
I burn up at night too. Not sure where you ladies live but I live in Nebraska no way i could turn the heat off. We usually drop in the teens or single digits at night. I usually like the heat on like 80. but lateley i try and keep it about 73. my dh is from Miami so he wants to blast it. plus i have two lo. But oh im so hot. My job i usually freeze now im sweating sitting in there.
KBratt replied to cshyronia's response:
WOW! I feel like I can't breathe when mine is on 70. I live in San Antonio, TX! This has been a very mild winter for us...only for a total of maybe 10 or 15days has it dropped below 60! So we have been fortunate enough to not have to run anything most of the last few months.
Katie 24; DH-Ryan 23; DD-Kelsey 7/4/10; DS Riley Wayne EDD 3/6/12
Saraq replied to mocha85's response:
I have had those chills at the middle of the night and they are not related with the temperature of my house. It was my body that that was freezing. The room was warm but I couldn't warm myself so I covered myself with a huge blanket and it helped but the pain of feeling so old and start shivering is very uncomfortable. I am 30 weeks and I had it three times in this pregnancy.

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