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Baby # 8 was a beautiful baby...........
kfadak posted:
Girl!(I had a feeling maybe thats why I could'nt come up with ANY boy names!)My DD was 2-14 but we were hoping to have her on 2-11 our oldest sons B-Day! Anyways,my OB started weekly exams at 36wks.(which is weird that I can't remember being it was only 19 months ago!)I went in on 2-8 for an exam, which she told me nothing was going on.This time when she examined me it was painful! Shortly after,I started having BH contractions.This went on for 3 days!They got more frequent and more intense.On 2-11 I went grocery shopping it must have been the nesting because I pushed around 2 full buggies for hours!By then the contractions started getting annoying!We had planned on going to dinner for my oldest son at 4:30.When I got home my amazing twin daughters had all the kids dressed up nice and hair done!All I had to do was my makeup so I timed my contractions while getting ready.(FYI iphones & android have apps for timing your contractions and it's GREAT I think it's called contraction counter) Anyways they were still 8-10 mins apart so I figured I had a while so me, my grandma and my 7 kids all piled in to drive the 40 min. commute to the resturant to meet my mom, dad, brother and his kids.(Hubby was at work) I'd say half way there my contractions were 5 mins apart and getting to where I could'nt talk through them! My grandma said we should turn around,but my son would have been upset and everybody was waiting for us so I thought it could'nt be more perfect everybodys halfway to my house and I can leave the kids with my family right? Wrong! We arrive and my brother said just flat out NO and my mom and dad said they have to go all the way home to let their mangy mutt outside! Okay so what am I suppose to do?I'm not going to the bar,I'm having a baby!So everyones eating and I'm calling my husbands family looking for someone to stay with my kids! I took my dinner to go, packed up the kids and headed home and to top it all off my hubby is texting me mad as hell because I went to dinner! I could'nt leave my kids with grandma because this was her only chance of seeing her grandchild being born and she wanted to be there along with my twin daughters and my oldest son.I didnt know what to do, my poor 14 year old son became a little man and volunteered to stay home and babysit with grandma on his birthday.10:00pm I went in tears to the hospital feeling so bad!Lol hormones!When I arrived to my surprise I was 6cm!Around 3 or 4am they told me they want to break my water or I could get my epidural.I chose my epidural.Then they broke my water.Still contractions were spaced out and not regular so they made me get started on pitocin.After receiving the pitocin I went from 6 to complete in 45 mins! I was in so much lower back/rectal pain I thought I was going to die,they figured out the baby was posterior and they adjusted my epidural so I got some relief and I started pushing at 6am.They told me that pushing would be harder because she had to turn around. I pushed and pushed my butt off but nothing!They said I so swollen as I was pushing they put ice packs on my bottom!My Dr. walked in stood there with her arms crossed and said "It should'nt take someone with 7 kids this long to push her 8th out and if I don't push her out in 15 mins.then she was turning off my epidural!' I was appalled!I started crying and carrying on and sure enough after 15mins she pulled the epidural out! After 2 hrs and 27 mins of pushing!Daliah was born at 8:27am at 8lbs and 10 oz 21 inches long with a perfect amount of black hair the longest eyelashes I ever saw and my hubbys arabic and she got his beautiful tan skin color!They placed her on my tummy waiting for the twins to cut her cord and she peed on me! (It took me a while to think she was as beautiful as everyone else the pain was soo bad)The deliveries do NOT get quicker and easier the more babies you have!She was the hardest!Sorry so long it's been a while since I've posted!
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Sorry about the long labor (Pushing) and that family wasn't super cooperative but glad things all worked out in the end and that your sweet little baby made it safely. Congrats and best wishes
Lysana responded:
Congratulations on your sweet little Daliah!

And I'm appalled at your family. Really? REALLY??? You show up in labor and say you need help with the kids, and they're not falling all over themselves to help out (in fact, they're doing the opposite)? I can't imagine...I am sorry they were so unsupportive.

Oooh. That makes me mad. SO sorry!! But yay, congrats on your beautiful baby girl! So, she didn't make DS's birthday, she is the day after? That is sweet! Now they are close together, but each has their own special day.

Great to hear from you, and I'm so glad I got to read your birth story! 3 days past my EDD, and I'm still waiting for mine, LOL!
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kfadak replied to Lysana's response:
ThankYou Ladies! And YES Kelly REALLY! That's my family, all about themselves! Anyways I enjoyed having you ladies to share stories, opinions, and support! I wish I would have known about this community prior to my 7th baby! Lol! Your moment will come soon(if not already for you Kelly). Heather, being a mother for the first time is priceless, enjoy every second of EVERYTHING! I will be checking in to read your birth stories.Wishing you ladies a safe and speedy delivery!

P.S. If I could figure out how to post pictures I would show you my beautiful Daliah!
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to kfadak's response:
Congratulations on Baby Daliah!

So glad you were able to join us on 3rd Tri, soon new moms will meet you over on Baby's First Year .

You can post a pic using your profile by clicking on your name and uploading a photo (best to use Firefox) or post photos using the Camera icon above the posting or reply box.

Be sure to use a photo sharing site like Photobucket or something similar so your personal information/photo properties will not show up within the photo.

We would sure love to see her!
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