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    Anyone else??
    Jackie03291 posted:
    So of course I have been getting the comments like you have to be ready to go any day now, you look like you're ready to drop and on and I find out yesterday from work that my coworkers have a poll going on whether or not I will actually make it to my c-section date on 4/24 and my friend who "organized" it said that not one person thinks that I will! I find that insane! For one, my c-section is technically TWO WEEKS before my actual due date and second, other than my blood pressure problems I have been doing pretty good and haven't been missing work or in a lot of pain or anything like that. I really have no "feeling" that I am going to go any sooner than my scheduled c-section.

    Anyone else have any friends or family who constantly think that they are not going to make it until their due date?? I mean, I know I look HUGE but I wouldn't say out of the ordinary huge for being almost 36 weeks.
    Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava 10/14/08 Baby Girl 2 due 5/4/12 but c-section scheduled for 4/24/12!!
    cjl0510 responded:
    I know what you mean!! I get it all the time. Even the anesthesiologist said, "well, if you make it that far." kinda smirky like. And my mom has said my whole pregnancy I wasn't going to make it.
    tdawntaylor responded:
    Everyone in my husbands family is shocked that I'm still pregnant! And when I came in to work yesterday after my doctors appt., they told me they had a pool going too! The funny part is I work with all guys, so none of them have a clue what they're talking about! Not a single one of them bet on me going to my due date!

    Personally, I have got the feeling lately that he's not coming out on his own, we're gonna have to go in and get him! I also think that since he's dropped, I look smaller than I did, plus a lot of my bloating has gone away!
    Taylor-22 Nick-25
    Angel Baby Lost 6/20/11 Bryson Scott Due 4/21/12
    jlynnpaine responded:
    I am so sick of comments already and I know it's only going to get worse as time goes on. Everyone comments about how big I am, or how pregnant I look. I'm just waiting for the "You haven't had that baby yet?" statements. People are so rude to pregnant women I swear.
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    I know better than to ask questions like that. A friend of mine was pregnant and was posting belly pics on Facebook. She's tiny, 4'10" , so you can only imagine how big she looked. The last pic she posted was at 38 weeks and even though I was wondering how she didn't tip over, I knew better than to ask that. She ended up going past her due date and had to be induced yesterday.
    KimberlyHall2015 responded:
    My problem is the opposite. I'm less than 7 weeks away from my due date and I have yet to have 1 stranger ask when I am due. I also have had to tell a few people at work that I'm expecting because they had no idea. It's discouraging because people argue with me that I must not be if I would be confused about being pregnant or not. I was larger to start out with so it just doesn't show as much. It's been a little dissapointing for me because I can't get the cute pregnancy pics.
    brokenlove responded:
    None of my family think i'm going to make it to my due date either. I'm due 5/11 everyone says they think I will have her late april. This is my second baby as well and since I had so many complication with preterm labor with my son, had him via emergancy c-section at 37wks, and I've had alot of real contractions thave needed to be stopped with this one no one thinks im going to make it past 38 weeks. I am currently 34w5d and she already dropped last week so shes actually already in position and everything. My mom just hopes I will make it till april 27 which will be 38wks exactly. Considering i didn't get big with my son i did with this one but since she dropped can't tell i'm preggo anymore just look a bit chubbier then i was before i got pregnant.
    nicram8683 responded:
    I do not think I will make it to my due date and neither does my mom. I am due 6/25 but baby is already measuring ahead by almost a week. I had my DD 3 weeks early because my water broke and she was ready. I was 3 weeks early and my brother 2 weeks. I fully expect to have this little man by early to mid June instead of the end And I am perfectly ok with that as long as he is healthy!
    Nicole(28)Mike(30) 8yr old DD
    Diagnosed MFIF June 2011 after 27 months no BC(12 months active trying)
    BFP: 8/2011 M/C @ 6 weeks 9/2011
    BFP: 10/2011 EDD 06/25/2012 It's a BOY!!

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