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tdawntaylor posted:
DH wants to go turkey hunting this weekend. My issues with that being that I will be 39 weeks Saturday, he hardly gets service at their camp, and they generally do quite a bit of drinking while there. I'm worried I might go into labor and not be able to get ahold of him or him not be able to come because he's drunk (or worse try to come anyway and wreck or hurt someone). At my doctors appt on Monday, my cervix was closed and Dr. said he thought I would go past my due date. So DH thinks he can go and it will be fine. Should I just let him go?
Taylor-22 Nick-25
Angel Baby Lost 6/20/11 Bryson Scott Due 4/21/12
Jackie03291 responded:
I would say let him go under the condition that he promises not to drink, or ask if he can just go hunting for the day and then come home when they are done that evening. I'm not sure how far their camp is away from home, but that might be an even better option than the first suggestion if possible. Just explain that you want him to be able to go and have a good time but that you would be much more confortable if he can work with you to make sure that he can get home safely and quickly if need be. I would also make sure that you have phone numbers for anyone else that is going to be there incase someone else's cell phone gets better reception.
Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava 10/14/08 Baby Girl 2 due 5/4/12 but c-section scheduled for 4/24/12!!
jlynnpaine responded:
I completely agree with Jackie. Try to come up with a compromise to where he will either come home after hunting, or not drink so that he will be able to drive if you do go into labor.
sarahann1978 responded:
Lurking- this has a lot of factors to consider so I can understand your dilema. From my experience I also had no progress towards the end with my first, and he ended up having to be induced after being 9 days late. So because of that I lean more towards the just let him go side since my husband is a hunter and guys like that need that guy bonding time and his life is about to get turned upside down when the baby gets here. If I were in your shoes and made him stay home I would feel bad if I did end up going late and he missed out because I said so.

On the other hand, if you have no one who could take you to the hospital in the event you did go into labor, I would be more concerned.

Another thought, do you know someone who could go and get him if you went into labor? I'm just thinking if one of my friends was in your boat, I would happily drive to pick up the husband and take him to the hospital. In that event he could have a couple of beers with the guys, but not get sloppy drunk and the other person could drive for safety.

Oh and if he goes a bit of advice, we live in a a super remote area that has patchy cell service at best. I find that texting works pretty well though because it will keep trying to send the text and when it finds a small window of signal can send it even when a call would be dropped.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I would be iffy about letting him go. I used to work with a woman whose doctor on a Tuesday said she had at least another week and she ended up starting labor Thursday and having the baby Friday morning. Your baby can come at any time.
tdawntaylor responded:
I ended up agreeing to let him go.

He is taking an old flip phone we have, because for some reason, those seem to get better service than the iphones do. Hopefully that will help. I also got cell numbers for everyone who will be there, and he swears the old man who owns the place always has cell service.

He also promised to not drink more than 3 beers - this got interesting because I made him promise only three beers, then I ammeded it to make him actually say 3 beers and no other alcohol, then I amended it again to make him say three 12 ounce beers and no other alcohol!!

His mom will be here to drive me to the hospital, and it turns out his dad is not going hunting with them, so he would be able to drive up and get him (and he knows where it is, which was another concern) if for some reason I can't reach him or he shouldn't be driving.

I am SUPPPERRRRR nervous about him leaving, but I would feel bad if I made him sit at home and miss opening day of Turkey Season and nothing happened. Plus I know it will be good for him to get away from my crazy for a few days since he's going to be stuck at home with me all the time for a long time after this.

My mom also called me this morning to let me know she had just left the revenue department, she just moved to Texas last month and went to switch her Drivers License. Apparently, in Texas when you switch they give you a paper temporary ID with no picture on it. They also took her Arkansas license from her. So now she has no photo ID to get through airport security with, and it is a 12 hour drive.

So my guess is Bryson will probably decide to show up this weekend, just because he knows his Daddy and his Mimi are both going to have a hard time making it!
Taylor-22 Nick-25
Angel Baby Lost 6/20/11 Bryson Scott Due 4/21/12
Jackie03291 replied to tdawntaylor's response:
So how did it go Taylor? You didn't post at all yesterday so wanted to check in and see if Bryson decided to make his appearance this weekend since your husband and mom were going to be away?? Hope everything is good!
Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava 10/14/08 Baby Girl 2 due 5/4/12 but c-section scheduled for 4/24/12!!
tdawntaylor replied to Jackie03291's response:
Everything went fine this weekend. I woke up at around 4am because I thought I heard someone in the house, opened my eyes, and Nick was climbing into bed. He wasn't drinking, and tried to go to sleep but all the guys he went with we're still up partying keeping him awake (and he missed me) so h packed up and drive home. We did go to l&d yesterday, but no Bryson yet! Hopefully soon!
Taylor-22 Nick-25
Angel Baby Lost 6/20/11 Bryson Scott Due 4/21/12
sarahann1978 replied to tdawntaylor's response:
That ended up being so perfect, you get awesome wife points for being cool and letting him go, and he gets awesome husband points for deciding to not drink and come back early. Now if your Mom can get there safe and sound all will be great! Best of luck to you on your L&D!

BTW- We considered the name Bryce for our son, it was our #2 choice, so I think Bryson is a great name!
jlynnpaine replied to tdawntaylor's response:
I'm so glad that everything turned out well. I agree with Sarah, props to you both for compromising and thinking of the other person. I hope baby comes for you soon and that your mom can find a way to make it in time.

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