Siblings and Delivery
BekahS posted:
Just wondering if anyones has had experience with this. DD (Avery) will be all but 5 when I hit my due date. She wants to be there when her baby brother is born. She understands the process but I don't know if I want her to see the whole thing. I was concidering letting her be at the hospital for most of the delivery and then sending her out with grandma and grandpa for the active pushing and whatnot. She has made it known that she doesn't want to stay at the grandparents house the whole time I labor and just show up to see her baby brother after he is born.
I'm torn. I don't want to scare her or have her retelling the tail with interesting interpretation. But at the same time, I want to consider her request and not brush it off. Any thoughts/opinions?
Me (Bekah) 25, DF (Shane) 25, DD (Avery) 4
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ChristinaTT responded:
(lurking, sorry!)
We are considering a home birth for this baby, and in my research (mostly consisting of reading ALOT of birth stories!), I've read a lot of families who do include their older children. From those, the children either are completely not phased by the experience or choose to leave the scene if they're overwhelmed. For fun, I asked our kids if they would want to see their new baby born - our 5 year old said "Absolutely not!" and our 7 year old said she may be interested if she had the time! Can you believe! So funny! (BTW, DH does NOT want the kids there, I was just curious to see their thoughts!) Good luck with your baby!