Contractions or BH
An_240139 posted:
How can you tell the difference between contractions and BH? My stomach has been getting really hard and tight a lot today iv been very stressed out and now im getting worried that i may be having contractions. When they first came along it hurt in my pelvic area with the tightening, now its just my hole stomach getting tight off and on.. should i contact my doctor?
mom2aboy3 responded:
when ever worried call your doc how far apart are these contractions or bh drink lots of water and lay down and rest if they go away then most likely their braxton hicks if they stay then their probly contractions i have been in and out of hospital last 2 weeks because of contractions and i am getting tired of it i wish this baby would just make his mind up if he wants to come out or not lol oo im only 35 weeks along i am already 4 cm and 70 percent effased
An_240139 replied to mom2aboy3's response:
didnt count how far apart they were but i know i was having more then five an hour, and they would hurt i was very stressed at the time im only 29 weeks now with twins and havent been checked yet. I will tell the doctor this Wednesday and maybe he will check me to see if anything was going on. they finally went away now im just experiencing BH..