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Leilani Lexi's birth story
brokenlove posted:
Monday I ended up taking a nap woke up at 5pm with period like bleeding, called the dr they said to go get checked at L&D went in, around 8pm (took on call dr forever to call me back). Was having some painful contractions, still bleeding so they checked me said i was still closed and monitored me for a while. The contractions we so painful that I was crying, but they insisted i wasn't in labor since i wasn't dialating, gave me a shot of morphine and a pill to help me relax. Well at 3am they admitted me due to my blood pressure skyrocketing. They checked me at 4am i was at 1.5cm and still having awful contractions, and was still bleeding. At about 8am when my regular OB was on she came in to check me, i was still only at 1.5cm but having awful contractions, she told me i had a choice of going home to labor or repeat c-section. I right away said i wanted the c-section because i couldn't take the pain i was in. They went to schedual it and came back and said it would be at 3pm that day (tuesday). Well as 3pm came closer they moved it to 330, then had to move it again because she ended up having to do an emergancy c-section. At about 430 they finally came to get me to prep me for my surgery. (Was in so much pain every min felt like an hour) They put in my spinal, and slowly the pain and contractions went away, I was finally numb well i could feel more then i expected because with my son i numbed right away from breast down, this time i was numb but was still able to move my legs and feet, but had no feeling on my tummy which they checked by putting a clamp on my skin. I heard them say when they got my water broke that there was merconium in the fluid, and they had some issues getting her out, the pressure the put on me felt like they were going to shatter my ribs. Well they suctioned she and i heard her cry, shortly after they put her on my chest for the immediate skin to skin contact, so i got to hold her while they worked on closing me back up. After a few minutes I told my mom to go ahead and take her with the nurses to get her weight and cleaned up. They got me to recovery and brought her into me, got to hold her some more and feed her, she latched on right away and started suckleing. Family arrived at 8pm so my mom took her out to see them since I was still in recovery. I was stuck in bed for 24hours due to the type of spinal and the pain med mix they put in to the spinal that gave me 24 hour pain relief without needed to ask for anything, which was nice. We got to go home 2 days later 5/10.

Leilani Lexi was born 5/8 at exactly 5pm she weighed 6lbs 9oz 19.5inches long head was 14inches. Had her first appt today5/11, she lost 9oz which is less then 7% of her weight but dr said should start gaining as soon as my milk come in (which it did about an hour ago) She is slighty jaundiced and they are going to recheck her monday to make sure she doesn't need to be under lights for a few days.
Me 24(as of 4/12), DS 9/1/08 emergancy c-section(Izaiah) 3.5, EDD Attempting VBAC (Leilani Lexi) 5/11/12
hgreenwood7058 responded:
sorry bout the yuck contractions. but congrats on your LO. enjoy momma!
Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. BFP 08/13/11 EDD 04/17/12-Carson Lee
EEE4565 responded:
Congrats enjoy her
Mom to Sean born 5/3/2012
sumis responded:
Congratulations to you .Sorry about that pain ful contractions but I guess end of it everything is worth the wait
jlynnpaine responded:
Congratulations! Glad you are both doing well.

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