danajen posted:
I'm in my third tri and I'm wondering if it's safe to have sex???!
When I orgasm I don't have painful cramping, just tightening in the belly. Why is that?? Also, when I look down at my belly right when it's tightening it sits higher to the right almost like the baby is moving over to one side or something....or sometimes to the left.
This happened during the second tri and with my last pregnancy.
I heard somewhere before that during third tri ur not supposed to have much sex b/c it can cause pre-term this true?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
As long as your doctor hasn't said otherwise, you can continue to have sex right up to your water breaking. The tightening in the belly is the uterus contracting from the orgasm but don't worry, if the baby isn't ready to come out, he won't.