washing baby clothes
hinkle07 posted:
So I am getting everything in my baby's room ready and I was wondering if I should wash all his new clothes before he wears them. The only reason I ask this is because among all the clothes I was given from my sister in law some that her son never wore still had the tags on them. I don't mind doing laundry, I actually just bought laundry soap for babies, I just wanted to know what everyone's thought was on this.
mwhite80 responded:
I personally wash all new cloths before I wear them, due to other peopl trying them on and them being transfered from factory to wear house then they are in a dirty storage room and everyones dirty hand and bodies on them. I am not a germaphobe or anything i have just worked at retail before and know what goes on at most stores. Also babies have sensitive skin so washing them first is always a good idea and use the eminimum amount of detergent or an extra rense cycle, my son broke out from detergent residue in his cloths so i rewashed his cloths and linens and he was fine.
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hinkle07 replied to mwhite80's response:
That's what I thought with clothes being transfered and tried on and handled. And thanks for the detergent tip I have sensitive skin as it is so I will definitely use an extra rinse cycle just to be sure. Thanks
DixieBrandon responded:
You should always wash them because your baby could have an allergic reaction to the starch in new cloths or different things the cloths could have been around... Never know. Just to be on the safe side for baby I would. Good luck on your delivery coming up!