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Had a scare!
mommyin2011 posted:
On June 19th, I was at work and starting having really bad contractions. I was 35w5d along. I thought it might have been just a long and painful BH but it wasn't. Someone saw me at my desk and noticed something was wrong. They called 911 and I was taken to labor & delivery. I was contracting every 2 mins but only dialated to 1cm. I was giving a shot of Brethine to stop the didnt work after a few hours, so they gave me another shot. I was also dehydrated. They sent me home around 3pm (i was admitted at 11:30am) b/c I was dialating. The contractions finally stopped coming every 2-3 mins around 10pm that night. The next day, I was still having them, just not as strong or as close together. Today, I feel much better. I saw my OB the next day (yesterday) and was told that my plug is coming out in pieces (they noticed it in my urine).

What are the chances that this little girl will be early? im 36 wks today and still have another wk till im term. I dont want her to be born unhealthy.

Anyone every had this happen to them?
Me (29) DH (30) 3 fur babies - DS 7/31/11 - 2nd baby due 7/20/12!! PINK TEAM - Natalie Rose
sumis responded:
Don't worry .I had mine on 36 w and 5 days 2 days before turning full term .my DS is healthy infact though he was classified as late pretermhe stilll was doing better than full term babies.Take rest and don't stress too much

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