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almost 32 weeks! update and questions to those good mothers out there!!?
reyneromance93 posted:
well i havent had braxton hicks contractions yet, but people say that i will get having a pretty good pregnancy. my feet or anything hasn't really got swollen...and well sometimes i dont feel this normal and okay? my baby moves around but not often cuz he's a lazy butt haha! but i'm just worried that something isn't right..i do admit i smoked cigarettes until my 5 or 6 month and on and off until now but i haven't smoked a lot at all maybe one a week..or one a month when i was my most stressful...i'm not a bad mother please don't judge me...i went to the doctor and the doctor said my baby is fine and i heard his little heart beat which is loud and strong . <3 please do help me with advise like....this is my first child..what should i expect to happen from here turning 32 weeks in two days....i am excited but nervous and idk what to expect i will appreciate any advise please.

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Zaysmama responded:
Hey there darlin, its great that you have made some positive changes to your lifestyle for the baby! If the dr says everything is fine start by relaxing!

As for the braxton hicks I didnt know I was having them until I had a non-stress test done and the monitor showed them... If you are active its much more difficult to notice the small ones... but as you get closer to your due date, the BH's will get stronger and will feel like menstrual cramps until its the real deal... But with this LO I have been feeling BH's since like 24wks!

What you should expect is unpredictable because each woman and pregnancy is different. With DS1 I don't remember losing my mucus plug but woke up in the middle of the night with my water broken. As for lack of sleep, some nights I am so exhausted I sleep like a baby and other nights I toss and turn just trying to get comfortable! I didnt feel contractions with DS1 until after my water broke.

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I can relate
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