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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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3rd - Trimester Questions
Zaysmama posted:
Hey ladies, I see alot of us are wondering the same things...

We all have questions about the mucus plug and what that looks like, or about what contractions feel like, and the big question is "will I deliver early?"

I deffinitely do not have all the answers but I did a little research on here and I am hoping this link will help with some of our questions!!!

the link has info about:
  • Lightening
  • Passing of the mucus plug
  • Contractions
  • Water breaking
  • Effacement and dilation of the cervix...
Best of luck with all of your deliveries and 3rd trimesters! Wishing you all healthy LO's soon!!
capriciousangel31 responded:
Thank you for posting this
I am just getting soo anxious as I get closer to my due date...I wake up every day going is today the day?
lol still have 4 1/2 weeks to go though....

things are kinda quiet on here alot so I have also joined

they have awesome active forums
Zaysmama replied to capriciousangel31's response:
Thanks for letting me know!
Things have been really quiet around here... hopefully we have some birth stories on here soon!

As for getting close, you are getting close and I'm sure anxious... hard to believe we were on the ttc board together just a few months ago... time flies when you're carrying a little one!
capriciousangel31 replied to Zaysmama's response:
lol I know I keep checking in on other people who on the ttc board with seems like yesterday we were in that dreaded tww and now our little ones will be in a matter of weeks eeekk!!!
I am super anxious more because I have no idea what labor will feel like and I am uber paranoid that I won't notice when I do go into labor lol Got to love being a first time mom
capriciousangel31 replied to Zaysmama's response:
ohh also if you go the site I said, I am on the pregnancy 18-34 forum and my screen name is still the same so you should have no problem finding me

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