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SavannaMattKKEthan posted:
Hello I am 30 Weeks pregnant and I have gestional diabetes my fasting levels are alway around 90-106 every morning what can I do to lower these levels I really do not want to be on insulin? Has anyone ever taken any oral medicne for GD when pregnant? I am really scrared to do insulin.
SavannaMattKKEthan responded:
This is my 2nd pregnancy, I have a daughter who is 6 and I didn t have a problem at all with anything when I was pregnant with here. I am 26.
Cowgal7083 responded:
What are you eatting before bed? Do you get up at night and have a midnight snack? You might find that if you have a high protein snack (I eat atkins bars or yurgart) that your body will not think you are starving and so will keep your sugars more at a level range.
Also, 90-106 isn't bad. MIne range between 75-85 each morning. It should be lower than 100. What are your levels the rest of the day? I have to test myself 6 times a day, before every "meal" and 2 hours after. I normally have a protien snake after each 2 hr and then eat a meal again about 2 hours after that.
BTW, I'm almost 38 weeks and have been doing this since 2week 24. I know its stressful, just try to relax.
beckie_33 responded:
My fasting blood sugars are about the same as yours. I've found out that it's because my blood sugars drop in the middle of the night and then rises again in the morning. My doctor had me check my blood sugars when I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night to see if that was what was really happening. She also told me to eat a small snack before going back to bed and that seems to help me. So maybe you can try that.
SavannaMattKKEthan replied to Cowgal7083's response:
At first my levels after dinner were high never over 130 but this has been really hard for me to get used to. I usually eat dinner at 730 and check my levels at 930 here lately for the past 5 days that have been anywhere between 89-105 after dinner. The highest level i have had was after dinner and that was my 1st day on this diet which was 7/8/12 and it was 130 but I drank sweet tea =(. I have not drank any more sweet tea or sodas. Do you have to take insulin? I am trying so hard not to do insulin. The highest level i have had in the am was 106 and the lowest was a 85.
SavannaMattKKEthan replied to beckie_33's response:
thank you so much I will do that! Thanks guys for all your help! I will try this tonight
beckie_33 replied to SavannaMattKKEthan's response:
I was put on insulin right away because my A1C was high. And when I went in for a glucose test they decided not to do it after the first draw because my blood sugars were too high.

I just talked to a diabetic counselor and had all my insulin changed and also found out that my A1C dropped 1.3 points. Yeah!!!

I was told that fasting blood sugars should be between 65-95 and under 120 two hours after a meal. Your blood sugars haven't been too bad. I would be worried if your blood sugars were as low as 89 after a meal. That would usually mean that you didn't eat enough carbs or you had a little more protein or fiber than necessary.

Since your blood sugars haven't been extremely high I don't think you'd need to worry about insulin. And you don't have long to go before your LO arrives. You'll probably be induced early because of the risks. My doctor said she'll induce me at 37 weeks.

Just keep track of your blood sugar and talk to your doctor about your concerns at your next appointment. You can also talk to a diabetic counselor, they have great advice and can help you in many ways.
SavannaMattKKEthan replied to beckie_33's response:
thank you so much! i feel so much better talking to others who have GD, i don't know anyone else that has had it

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