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36 weeks, started to dialate, efaced and baby is hurting me when she moves
eakidwell01 posted:
I have started to dialate, efaced and she has been giving me REALLY bbad pains when she moves to the point where i want to cry and have to stop and wait for it to pass. Both my boys did not do this. is this normal for anyone? I go to my next appointment this wednesday night and will be induced in three weeks since she is so big already.
RobynMia responded:
I'm 34 weeks. And, my little guy has moved in and out (more frequently in) of a position where he is pressed against my lower right rib/back for the last two weeks. I've had pinched nerves before and that is exactly what it feels like. It is excruciating simply because there is absolutely no relief. All I can suggest is get up and walk through the pain in hopes that your little one may move a bit. That and standing stretches your body out just a bit. I have gotten to the point where I get up and move around almost every hour and during the night every two. So, I'm super sleep deprived before this kid is here.

So, you aren't alone. It's very painful and more then likely it's your baby's position so it won't go away. I keep telling my husband that I may cry out in relief when delivering just because my back will no longer hurt as it does.

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