When should I expect another pelvic exam/ ultrasound
RobynMia posted:
I'm 34 weeks pregnant this Friday. I have my next appointment in less then 2 weeks. I have only had one pelvic exam and that was at 8 weeks. When can I expect the next exam? I keep wondering if I'm a bit dialated because my vagina has been swollen for a week which I know may mean nothing.

Also, when do they do another ultrasound to determine where the baby is at? Before birth?
korin81 responded:
With my 1st pregnancy my OB started doing internal checks at 38 weeks, but no u/s after my 20 week one. Last pregnancy I had twice a week NST/u/s due to my GD so they checked my DD position then, also they would check it just by feeling her from the outside. This time around my MW said she would check via an u/s around 37-38 weeks. So I guess it's really up to your pratice on how they handle things.
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