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beckie_33 posted:
I've been having period like cramping in my lower abdomen and on my right side that goes into my back. It's constant cramping and my stomach is extremely tight. I haven't had any bleeding.

Is this something to be worried about? Or is it just Braxton-Hicks contractions?
korin81 responded:
Sounds like contractions to me. Hard to say though since so many women can experince them differently. The BH I get right now are an uncomfortable tight feeling, like your tummy turned into a rock! Sometimes takes my breath away. Last pregnancy I started early labor at 37 weeks and it felt the way your describing. I ended up having my DD at 38 weeks. Just keep track of them, if your getting more than 4 an hour or they become consistent you will need to call your OB.
Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
beckie_33 replied to korin81's response:
Yesterday I looked online for the difference between BH and real contractions and it wasn't much help because not all women experience them the same. I'm guessing that it's probably just BH. My tummy gets extremely hard and then I feel cramp like pain in my lower abdomen and on my right side that goes into my back.

I did find some helpful hints online on how I could relieve the pain or discomfort and tried one last night and it seemed to help. On one website it mentioned using heat or cold or alternating both. Since it's too hot for using heat and adding heat very seldom gives me relief I chose to use an ice pack last night when I went to bed and I was able to sleep better and woke up without the discomfort and so far the pain and cramping have been very little.

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