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Starting to really stress...
Harely posted:
Starting to really stress out! Got so much going on this month, and baby is due anytime! My kids start school in less then 20 days, still have to do back to school shopping, then we have back to school nites 2 of them. A youth camp out at our farm next weekend, and still looking for a caregiver to stay with out kids while we r at the hosptial! Oh yea plus 3 kids have physical's at the dr's this month and 6 of them have dentist visit! What the heck was I thinking? My last 2 were born at 36 weeks, and mon, I will be 34 weeks. We are not ready! Need stuff for baby, I still have not packed a bag for hosptial, feel like I am in denail like this baby is not even real? Have been having some contraction's, but nothing to bad. Don't even have a carseat for her! Need to make a list of all we need, and make my husband help me get it done! I am usally a very organized person! If you could see my house, you would wonder, laundry all over, need to clean! Am starting to nest. Just wish I wasn't so stressed, and wish I knew why I am so unorganized this time!
Zaysmama responded:
I feel you on the stressing and this will only be #2 for me. Sounds like you have alot on your plate and even more coming up...
Hopefully in the past few days you have been able to make arrangements for the kids or get some of the things on your list completed so you can relax a little. I'm not sure of the ages of your children but have the older ones help out with cleaning so you can get your own things done. Depending on the ages they can do anything from cleaning their own rooms to helping cook dinner, do dishes or assist with laundry. And if they start now, they may be willing to help out once this LO arrives.
If they can help out with some of the household chores, that will empty up some time for you to pack your bag and find a caregiver for your hospital stay.. and maybe even put your feet up so you can relax some!...
Make up the list and divide things between you, hubby, and maybe the kids and hopefully that will have you breathing easier soon!!!

Good luck and hopefully this LO holds off a little while so you can complete everything you need to before hand!!
beckie_33 responded:
My mom did what Zaysmama suggested when she was pregnant with me and my younger brother and it worked out really well.

She would divide up dinners among my older siblings and allow them to pick what they would make and then go to the store to get the ingredients and then let them make meals. She would also set up a chore chart so everyone could help out.

My mom was older when she had my younger brother and me so she had more health problems and having my older siblings help out saved her a lot of stress and worry.
Harely replied to beckie_33's response:
Thanks ladys! Yeah my 2 girls are 14, and 12, they help so much! My boys are 9, 7, 4, 20 months and 10 months. The 2 older boys are getting better at helping. A friend of mine took some of my kids school shopping the other day, and she is taking the rest of them tomorrow. My 12 loves to cook so she has been planning meals and making shopping list, my husband said they will hit the store this week to get stuff for her to help. Still haven't gotten a carseat, but have it down to 2 picked out. Finally packed, and kids have been doing a great job of keeping the house clean. Wish I could feel better and help them out more. Can hardly get off the couch to go to the bathroom. 33 weeks and 3 days! Am ready for her to come.
Zaysmama replied to Harely's response:
Wow sounds like the family is 100% supportive and thats great! A few things off your list and hopefully you are feeling a bit more relaxed about having things done before this little girl gets here!... I know how you feel about wanting to help more, I feel like I have been slacking as a mom with DS(3) who would much rather be outside playing than inside reading books or doing puzzles with mommy, but it will be over before you know it and the addition to the family will be totally worth it!...

Glad everyone is helping out and hope you are feeling some relief! Not too much longer and we will be holding these LOs in our arms!

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