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    Weekly Update 8-13
    capriciousangel31 posted:
    Megan Team Yellow

    40 weeks 1 day

    W/g: I actually lost a couple pounds at my last doctors appointment so I Believe I am around 28lbs now instead of 30lbs

    S/c: Lots of contractions but still no baby , I can get my contractions to 6 minutes apart for like an hour and then they space back out to 10 minutes I am sooo sick of false labor at this point also so much pressure and pain it hurts to walk and feels like I need to pee 24/7

    Other: We have an ultrasound scheduled tomorrow to check on the baby and see how big it is, the doctor was concerned at how big I am measuring I am kinda of hoping that they will think the baby is going to get to big if they don't induce and then I can be induced this week.

    Next D/A: Tomorrow the ultrasound is at 1pm and then my OB appointment is at 2pm
    korin81 responded:
    Korin and Khloe Madison!


    w/g: 24 lbs

    s/c: I bought some tiger balm and it's awesome, really helps with the rib pain. I had 6 BH in one hour last Friday, Finally got it to slow down after I drank a lot of water and rested. I guess no more mowing the lawn!

    Other: My MW is ticking me off. I passed the 1 hr GTT when I was 24 weeks but barely. I have been asking for a retest but she insists I did not need it. Well this weekend my blood sugar levels shot up!!! Needless to say I have to take the 3 hr GTT tomorrow morning. I have had GD with all my pregnancies so I know what I gotta do but I am just annoyed at the lack of care from my medical provider!

    Next d/a:
    8/14, 3 hr GTT
    8/28, MW
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    jedmonds12 responded:
    Julie & Little Dude


    w/g: 10 lbs

    s/c: Baby movement is pretty uncomfortable. "No, baby, you can't get out through momma's side!" Sometimes he rolls or flips so hard it jerks my whole body. DH finally saw it for the first time last night and was like "Holy crap, was that HIM?!" LOL. Have to pee every 2 hours, even at night. RLP when going from laying to standing. Hip/butt soreness. Nausea after eating... *whine whine whine*

    Other: Busy week this week with a day care tour, two events for work that will take me out of the office for two days, an OB appt, my high school reunion, and my dad's birthday bbq. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

    Next d/a: Today at 4:15, routine OB. Every 2 weeks now!
    Hang in there, Megan!! You're SO close!
    Julie (28), DH (35)
    DS Kawika 4/25/11
    Due 10/7/12 - blue team!
    nikndan13 replied to jedmonds12's response:
    Nikki & blue team baby

    29 weeks 1 day

    W/g : prob around 30 lbs now I'm not counting much anymore

    S/c : uncomfortable for sure in the hips and pelvis area and feeling lots of baby movement and pressure when he is doing these flips and kicks.

    Other : had a 3D u/s today it was so cool and we got a really good pic of my lil Mans face ...just so precious...he is looking good and is measuring a week ahead and is around 3 and 1/2 lbs it was really cute he was playing with his toes ...he is breech currently so we will get another u/s before the big c-section just so the doc knows what he is getting first feet or head lol

    Next appt : 8-27 reg OB
    beckie_33 responded:
    Beckie and Blue Team

    30 weeks

    w/g: aprox. I lb since last doctors appointment. Still at prepregnacy weight.

    s/c: Had a lot of contractions last night. Didn't count how many since they were pretty consistant and almost non stop. The contractions made it difficult to sleep because of the pain. Couldn't lay on my side so I had to lay on my back with my knees up to get any comfort.

    Other: Baby is still moving around like crazy. My belly is always jumping and moving around.

    Next d/a: Aug 29th, Ultrasound Aug 20th.
    mwhite80 responded:
    Madeline and Baby Mathew


    w/g : 18lbs

    s/c : No real contractions and as of my last appt I am not dialated at all but my cervex is thin. I still have alot of hip/groin pain, it get worse each week since Mathew is sitting so low.

    other : I am so ready to have this baby, next Saturday is my due date

    next d/a : 8/16
    Madeline(32)DH Nathan(31)-DS Paul(5), Angel baby mc @ 6weeks 8/2008, DD Isabella (17 months), New Baby Boy Mathew Charles EDD 8/25/2012
    Mrsmossy responded:
    Nikki & Dallas

    35 Weeks

    W/g: 12 pounds

    S/c: Experienced BH for the first time yesterday i believe (as does the dr). Keep getting terrible shooting pains from my belly button all the way down. so uncomfortable!! Takes my breath away everytime!

    Other: Had to do a kick count with little guy last night, while we were counting his movements he wanted no part of it, finally got to the number we needed in the time frame and i rolled on to my back and bam belly jumping all over! gonna be onry like his daddy!!

    next D/A: Weekly Bio scan today at 3pm and next ob Aug 22nd
    Zaysmama responded:
    Heathir Blue Team
    Zakiyah Logan

    37w 1 day

    W/g: sitting at 17 lbs for 3 weeks now

    S/C: have have lots of lower back pains and contractions the past few days. The dr checked me today and despite the contractions and pelvic pressure, I am not dilated at all, but am 50% effaced. The baby is still not in position which is what is causing the back pain. The baby is sitting so low that my right hip has decided that it is going to be out of place for the last week and a half, not so much fun but just another exciting new thing from the pregnancy!

    Other: Finally go the room cleaned out now just onto going thru everything and getting the furniture set up. Still need to get the hospital bag ready for both me and baby as well as figure out the details as to who will have DS1 while I'm in the hospital with DS2...

    next D/A: 1 week: 8/21/2012 reg ob

    megan I can't believe you are still holding LO hostage lol... good luck honey and hopefully this is over for you soon and you are holding LO in your arms!!!
    happymoe responded:
    Monique, team yellow

    38 weeks today

    W/g: roughly 10 lbs

    S/c: Some braxton hicks, peeing all the time, my hips are excrucitating (I think it's pubis symphisis dysfunction) and sometimes when baby stretches it feels like my cervix is going to be pushed out my butt......... but all in all, not too shabby.

    Other: I'm attempting a VBAC after a horrible failed 54 hr induction that included an hour of pushing at 10cm. The OB clinic has now scheduled my c-section for Aug 29th (40w1d) if I haven't had baby naturally by then. At least they're giving me the chance. Our little town is closing the OR for 10 days for the staff to take holidays, which is the 10 days before my due date. If I go into labour during that time frame, I have to go to a different town. Not looking forward to that if it happens. Silly small towns........

    Next D/A: Mon. 20th, then Mon. 27th, DD is 28th, section is 29th if I haven't VBAC'd by then.
    nikndan13 replied to Zaysmama's response:
    I remember your theme was football and Mickey mouse ... I seen the cutest hamper on that had your theme : ) the rest was some mickey stuff but general sports stuff with baseballs and basketballs too : )
    Zaysmama replied to happymoe's response:
    Good Luck with your VBAC! Hope it works out better for you this time! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    Zaysmama replied to nikndan13's response:
    Yes the theme is mickey mouse and football so I will have to check that out! Thanks for the suggestion nikki!

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