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Mucus Plus.. Bloody show?
amg0926 posted:
Ok so this is my 2nd pregnancy but I really don't remember losing my mucus plug with my 1st. A few weeks ago I lost a clump of mucus that was a clear color..
Well yesterday I lost another clump with blood in it.. brown and red. I was in the hospital on weds for False Labor. I was having contractions for 12 hrs. but no dilation. I am currently 4cm and 70% effaced. He was a -2 when I was told last week.. but wasn't told this week.

I have read SO many stories that the bloody show is a GOOD sign that labor is soon..

anyone want to share with me what happened with them?
beckie_33 responded:
How far along are you? It is possible to lose your mucus plug and then have it rebuild itself. I've already lost mine and was in the hospital last week having contractions and I was only 31 weeks.

If you are close to your due date or over you can lose your mucus plug anywhere from a week before delivery to hours before.
happymoe responded:
I didn't notice losing mine with my first pregnancy, and I think I saw some plug about a week ago, but nothing since. I'm 39w3d right now. I can't help. Crossing fingers for you though!
Zaysmama responded:
Sounds like you are def getting close with the dilation and effacement as well as the mucus plug.
I believe i lost my mucus plug about a month ago and am still very much pregnant.
The chunk that I saw was clear with brown blood streaks in it but wasn't completely bloody or anything like that. The dr said it can rebuild itself and I am guessing after a month it probably has.
From what I have heard though if it is red blood you are close and once you get between 4 & 6 cm the labor is supposed to jump start so hopefully you are having this LO soon!!!

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