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29 weeks and a few days of cramps and discharge?
amandaj320 posted:
This is my first time actually joining and posting and the community but I have a couple questions. I have a 8 year old daughter and hardly remember my pregnancy with her . I am now 29 weeks with my little man but I'm wondering if we are having some issues. About 2 weeks ago I went into the labor and delivery triage because I was very dehydrated with quite a few braxton hicks and my potassium was very low. The past couple days I have been having discharge some days more than others. 2 days ago it was like a little amount but enough to make my undies wet to where I kinda wanted to change them yesterday I felt leakage and after checking there was a little white/runny glob in my undies I was having bad back aches and cramps plenty of braxton hicks( did not count) I was unable to sleep for two nights. Last night I finally did get some sleep I havent really noticed much discharge this today but still plenty of braxton hicks I'm not sure if this is normal or something else... I feel like if I was in labor I would know ??? If you have any advice please let me know... Thanks!
Zaysmama responded:
Welcome to the board and sorry you came with some concerns! I had the same questions myself as last week I was having regular BHCs and had been having more discharge the past few days so I was a bit concerned as well. Everyone I talked to said better safe than sorry so I went to L&D triage and they checked everything from the baby's movements and heartbeat as well as my contractions & dilation. I was sent home after a couple hours of observation with a clean bill of health. They did advise that dehydration can put you into pre-term labor so stay hydrated!!! other than that just don't push yourself too hard when doing physical activities!
With my first LO, I didn't have any labor signs until my water actually broke so having BHCs this time has really confused me! Just hope that when I am in true labor I really know it like everyone suggests!...

Wish I could be more help but I know what you're going thru & I must say I agree with what everyone has told me "better safe than sorry"... Good luck!
beckie_33 responded:
I was in L&D myself last week for some of the same problems. I was told that I was definately having contractions and after IV fluids the contractions became less frequent.

Dehydration can put you into labor so be sure to drink plenty of water. Also a yeast or bladder infection can also cause you to go into preterm labor.

I was having alot of contractions again this week and was feeling really nausous so I went back into L&D and had more IV fluids and the found out that I now have a UTI. Be sure to take good care of yourself because you don't want to be having your baby at 29 weeks.

It is better to be safe than sorry so go to Labor and delivery and get yourself checked out.
MENDEZWARD replied to beckie_33's response:
I've been having a few lower abdominal pains here and there, i told my nurse at doctor's office and she told me to make sure to stay hydrated and not do anything strenous and if it happens again to call them. Also having hip pain on left side, i just assume it was the way i sleep on my side all the time. My husband says he think my hips are spreading, could be both. 2 months seem far away. I'm ready is all i can say, just hope i don't have a stubborn boy who wants stay inside.

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