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    Weekly Updates 8-27
    korin81 posted:
    Korin and Khloe Madison!


    w/g: 21 lbs (down 3 pounds)

    s/c: Pretty sure I herniated another disc in my back....doing nothing!!! Pain is on my right side now, feels exactly how my left felt. So I will be bringing this up to my MW tomorrow. Also ECP is getting worse!!!!

    Other: Crib and mattress will be here this week! I also ordered the two dressers yesterday and today I went to BRU and bought sheets and such. All I need is nursing stuff and nursing decor!

    Next d/a:
    8/28, MW
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    nikndan13 responded:
    Nikki & Blue team baby

    31weeks 2 days

    Weight-30 lbs

    S/c - just plain uncomfortable all around , lots of BH's this weekend ( did lots of cleaning and school shopping ) , some serious hip and back pain so much so I've debated sleeping in a chair cause laying on my side is pretty much torture after a lil while . Oh and heartburn ( even from water ) ugg

    Other : can't believe how much time seems to fly when your looking back at first it seems like your pregnant forever but now with 8 weeks or less left ... It's a tad bittersweet as this is my last go !! Ok I'm over it lol hope you ladies are having a decent week : )
    Zaysmama responded:
    Heathir & Zakiyah Logan

    38 wks today

    w/g: 17lbs same for the last month

    s/c: just plain miserable! I can't get comfortable for anything. When I sit he's in my ribs, when I stand there is so much pressure it is painful and even laying down i can't seem to alleviate the pain in my ribs or back to get comfortable. Tired all the time and can't seem to get a break.

    Other: Getting the crib on wednesday or thursday so I can set that thing up and then the only thing left is to pack mine & LO's bag for the hospital. DS seems to be very antzy about his baby brother coming!

    Next D/A: tomorrow 8/28 reg ob, hopefully i am making progress!!!
    beckie_33 responded:
    Beckie and Blue Team

    32 Weeks

    w/g: 1 lb

    s/c: Still having contractions but they haven't been regular so doctors not too worried. Everytime I get up and walk I feel a ton of pressure in my abdomen to the point that it makes it difficult to walk.

    other: Started Non-stess tests today and will have them twice a week for at least the next four weeks. Everything looks great for me and baby.

    Next d/a: Sept. 10, Ultrasound Sept 17
    happymoe responded:
    Monique and team yellow


    w/g: about 9 lbs

    s/c: hip pain is nasty, heartburn, lots of braxton hicks, getting the bejeepers kicked out of me

    Other: regular Dr appt today, I was checked and high, thick and fingertip. So looks like section is a go for Wed. No VBAC for us.

    Next d/a: 8/29 6am check in for c-section.
    ChristinaTT responded:
    Christina and Yellow Team Baby!


    W/G: 8 pounds

    S/C: lower back / hip pain if I do too much of anything - argh, oh well, BHC if I do too much of anything - also argh! Oh well

    Other: Met with a new OB here in Wyoming, it will be different having a new doctor for this LO, the same family practicioner delivered my other 3, but he seems nice...older 2 girls started school yesterday, wow! otherwise just working on settling in without bothering my back or getting too many BHC!

    N/A: 9/7 OB and size / position u/s

    --Christina (30), DH (30), DD #1 (7), DD #2 (5), DD #3 (2) - EDD #4 Nov. 4/5!
    jedmonds12 replied to ChristinaTT's response:
    Julie & Little Dude

    34w3d (as of Tuesday)

    w/g: 14 lbs. Putting on the pounds pretty quickly now... ugh.

    s/c: Hip soreness when in bed, RLP when changing positions, Little Dude's head is almost always pressing on my bladder so I constantly feel like I have to pee, can't reach my feet well enough to paint my toes. I tried.

    Other: Today is DS1's first day of actual day care, like in a center. It's going to be the longest day ever. I really hope he's doing well, because I'M not. I start to tear up every time someone mentions it. Had a checkup yesterday and my BP looked great. Doc was trying to listen with the doppler and Little Dude kept running away from it. She finally found it only to have him punch at it so hard it bounced the doppler off of my belly. She laughed and said "Well, OBVIOUSLY he's doing just fine."

    Next d/a: 9/13 and they're weekly at that point!
    Julie (28), DH (35)
    DS Kawika 4/25/11
    Due 10/7/12 - blue team!
    dadslilhrlygrl responded:
    Brandy and Nevaeh Ann


    w/g 5lbs

    s/c: having lots of pressure. Had appt Wed and had to do a 24-hr urine to check for preeclampisa. Hoping I don't have it but chances are high since I had with both previous pregnancies. Tired and hurting alot. Can't walk alot without ending up in pain and having to rest.

    Other: I got everything I need for new baby this last week except maybe stocking up on more diapers lol.
    korin81 replied to dadslilhrlygrl's response:
    Good luck on your pre-e test Brandy! Let us know what you find out!
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(4), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12

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