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Possible early labor?
teria2000 posted:
I had my last appointment a week ago on August 20th 2012 and asked to be checked for dilation as I was 35w5d pregnant and was told my cervix was still closed tight its now August 27th 2012 and I ended up in the maternity ward yesterday August 26th 2012 for contractions and was checked for dilation because the monitor showed that I was indeed having contractions just not incredibly intense and was told im 2cm dilated, I was sent home and was told to come back if the contractions intensified. A couple hrs after I was sent home I went to the bathroom and noticed I had my "bloody show". This being my 5th pregnancy ive never experienced a bloody show before so I called the on call dr and he didnt really give me any reassuring information. I had been contracting all day already and then 30 min's after experiencing my bloody show I started having menstral like cramps followed by lower back pain. The pain instensifies when I walk and I feel like I have a ton of pressure down there but I still walk through it. My question is could I be in early labor with the contractions ive been having and still am having and the dilation i was told about and having my bloody show? I have an appt tomorrow with my OB but am becoming impaitent so if anyone could please let me know what you think that would be awesome oh and my contractions increase with activity. Thank you
Anon_167186 responded:
You may want to go back to the hospital and let them know whats going on, you very well could be in early labor, have you been timing your contractions? I hear you on the impatient part! Let us know what you find out! Good luck hopefully your lo can cook a little more
nikndan13 responded:
Def sounds like early labor and from what I'm reading your only at 36 weeks you should def go back to L&D and get checked out . Best of luck
teria2000 replied to Anon_167186's response:
I havent been timing them because yesterday when they put me on the monitor it showed I was having them every 60-90 seconds apart but werent intense enough to consider them laboring contractions but was told they were in fact not braxton hicks. I have an appt with my OB tomorrow 8/28 to get rechecked to see if im in early labor because I have been having the contractions today just not every 60-90 seconds

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