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37 weeks with a very bad rash...
Harely posted:
I am 37 weeks and I have a rash all over my stomach, arms and legs. I am itching like crazy. So bad that I am making the rash bleed. I haven't changed anything, laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo, all have been the same. Diet is been the same. Haven't called the dr. yet, have appt wed. Hope it's nothing major. Feeling like crap, can hardly walk, mostly just waddle and shuffle my swoolen feet. Praying the will enduce me this week. My husband has to get back out on the road soon. Just feel like a dog with fleas!
Zaysmama responded:
Wow hope it has gotten better but a friend of mine developed a rash near the end of her pregnancy and they had to induce her because they said it was something caused by the baby. I can't remember for sure exactly what it was but I would def tell the dr about it especially because of how uncomfortable it is making you! Better safe than sorry and better sooner than later. I wouldnt wait until the appt wednesday I would call today or tomorrow! Either way hopefully it gets better and I hope it is nothign too serious! Good luck with being induced if they decide to!. I am hoping I can put myself in labor this weekend! lol maybe walking or alot of house work. Maybe I will just carry DS around everywhere, he weighs 40lbs so it might work! No matter what I am ready to go now!!!
speechtxjessica responded:
sounds like PUPPS! Try taking an oatmeal bath. That will help with itching. Also ask your doctor if you can use cortizone cream to help with the itching. I had a mild case of PUPPS with my first pregnancy and it was very uncomfortable.
Harely replied to speechtxjessica's response:
Yeah you are right, PUPPS is what it is. I have it bad! Allover my body. It's so painful, cause it's hot out, in the upper 90's and when I put on the cream, it makes my clothes stick to it, plus heat makes me sweat. I am also on benedrly for the itch, but can only take it at nite, cause of drowiness. Said it may last till I deliver. I can't do this for 3 more weeks! I have a dr appt. tomorrow, am praying they will induce me! I am so ready to be done and just be able to hold her in my arms. This has been a very stressful pregnacy! Praying they give me good news tomorrow!
speechtxjessica replied to Harely's response:
Hang in there!! When I had it last time it was during the winter and it felt like a large burn. I can't imagine having it during the summer!! You poor thing! I hope you hear good news

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