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Bit of a Dr rant ( ugg )
nikndan13 posted:
So I had my reg OB appt yesterday and since the doc was on vacation I seen the NP ( who I love ) when she measured me ( which she did 3-4 times just to make sure ) I was measuring 2 weeks ahead which 2 weeks ago I was right on target .. So she scheduled me to come in today for an u/s just to check and make sure that the baby just had a growth spurt vs too much fluid .. When I got there the dr acted as if I requested this u/s and was really annoyed with me and kinda blowing me off ... He measured me all of 4 seconds and said I was measuring just fine and I shouldn't be worried then told me that the u/s machine broke anyways ...ugg why they couldn't call me ahead of time and save me the time of going in and have him just about yell at me for what the NP said it def makes me lose my confidence in him a bit .. I really can't stand being blown off and I hate when a dr asks if you have any questions when he already has the door open and is pretty much in the hall it really says I hope you don't have anything else to say cause I'm done talking ... So rude!! Sry so long just had to vent a little
BeautifullyBlessed responded:
Wow! The nerve of your dr. Did you two have a good rapport prior to this incident?

Maybe he was frustrated with the NP and just didn't hide it well and ended up taking it out on you. You know how it is with doctors and nurses...he probably felt like he's been gone for a short time only to come back to a mess and mistakes made by the NP.

I'm not excusing his behavior at all because I would be pissed to be brushed off. And you are right...they should've called everyone who had an US appt and let them know the machine was broke. That was very inconsiderate and a waste of time.

Hopefully next time he'll be in a better mood. Good news is...all is well with you and baby

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