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needing some opinions
AmandaDanielleBrown posted:
ok so ive been very kind of....nice with my doctor. hes not very straight forward, talking to him is kind of like talking to myself. so basically when i found out i was pregnant my levels were SO off he actually thought i miscarried so i was ordered to do an ultrasound. of course i was pregnant, and so we determined the due date Dec. 8th. well when i went in at 21wks to find out the sex, i got a due date of Dec. 19th from the ultrasound tech. i didnt really say much, but everytime i go in my doctor is asking ME what my due date is, like he cant remember, and its annoying, well i was thinking i was going to get another US to confirm my due date and to check the babies weight. at my last appointment i was told i was not going to get another US, and that i basically had to kinda guess. i mean something seems wrong here, i want to know what to expect weight wise, also what position she is in, and i want to confirm a due date since i wasnt sure of my last period and got 2 different due dates. if my levels werent so low i wouldnt have even gotten the 1st ultrasound so early so im just confused. do i demand an ultrasound and just pay for it myself? im too far along to change doctors at this point not to mention they waited until i was 7.5 months to tell me i had to pay a 300$ delivery fee i didnt know i had. between that and throwing my own baby shower im just stressed and needing some second opinions. i know my hormones are kind of out of wack so anything would be helpful. i dont want to go into my next appointment monday and start being a little more firm when hes doing the right thing. i was also told by someone that they usually just stick with the original due date because its "more accurate" but if i wasnt sure of my last period and hes never in the room when US are preformed to confirm a date....then how accurate can it be. not to mention with my 1st child my due date was changed 4 times. PLEASE HELP.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Usually they do go with the 1st u/s due to the sizing. Once you get further along the less accurate u/s are in determining how far along you are because babies start growing at their own pace. However, I am suprised he didn't want to do another u/s since the two were 11 days different. Usually if its more than a week they want to check the growth. If you don't start getting answers or if I were in the same position I would ask for second opinion. They should be checking to make sure your not having any growth restrictions due to placental issues or anything to that affect. Are they making you pay the delivery fee prior? All of my fees were after I had my son. A lot of them. lol. The joy of 36 hour labor and emergency c-section. Good insurance atleast, instead of about $55,000 I only paid about $1250. I would consider getting a second opinion though. Best wishes.
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nikndan13 responded:
I agree too I would talk to your doctor about your concerns and ask about another u/s to help confirm the dates but more importantly to check on the size and position of baby ...most docs do 3rd trimester u/s but some don't unless there are issues ..if you are uncomfortable with your doc and the care you are getting I would look into a new OB and def wouldn't feel weird about it it's your baby and you have to feel good about your care of luck to you
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AmandaDanielleBrown replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
yes my fees are due before the labor, and i asked him about checking on the position ad such, he said since im measuring 31.5 inches on my belly and im 32 weeks....he thinks im ok and there is no need for an ultrasound. he also repeated the fact that the earlier the due date is given the more accurate it is. im not insurance isnt exactly the best when it comes $ and im strapped for cash with a 3 yr old, a husband and bills. this doctor confuses me so much but i am so far along idk if i really want to pay another fee to another doctor and only get to know him for the few weeks i have until labor. im just very confused and unhappy right now

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