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    36 weeks 3 days...
    jon3brn posted:
    Had our 2nd weekly appt this past Monday. I had blood taken to test my blood platlets and to check my iron levels. Everything came back good. Then once the appt begin, I had a swab in the front and back for the GBS (Group B streptococcus) and then she "CHECKED" me to see if dilation had began (very uncomfortable). She had I was barely half a cm. So the contractions, sharp pains in my abdomen and in my back are all braxton hicks contractions. Thats promising as well as disappointing. Some of those really hurt and take your breath away.

    But other than that just preparing everything for our little girls arrival. By this weekend, her nursery will be complete. Her bedding and decor shall arrive tomorrow and I will probably spend all day in there organzing and just sitting in my glider imaging what it will be like to hold her while rocking her to sleep while reading her a bedtime book.

    The stroller and the car seat will arrive next week. Very excited about the stroller. Took forever to find one I was happy with. The one I wanted the car seat was no longer available and I wanted both items to match. So I went with West Virginia University Mountaineer colors. My husband and I are both born and raised in WV, despite our littleton being born in Indiana we are going to be moving back home in a year or so to be closer to family. So she will get used to the Mountaineer Blue and Gold.

    Other than that, still gotta pack our hospital bags. I just need a few more things. Like nursing tanks, undergarments, and slippers and we shall be ready for the hospital. How are the rest of you passing the time away in the final weeks waiting for labor to begin?
    bdeem23 responded:
    jon3brn, not sure if you remember me or not we were on the ttc board beginning of the year, im glad to see everything seems to be going well for you and your pregnancy. i wish you all the luck with the birth of your lil one!!

    update on me...we lost a loved one to lung cancer in june actually it was on r 5 yr wedding annversary, we found out a few wks later that we were going to have a baby, i figure it happened sometime that wk of sadness. they say you sometimes have to lose someone to gain a new life. we were over joyed when we learned the news and it was on r own woth out the help of any doctors. im due in march and so far everything has been going good, i had morning sickness for awhile and i have really bad headaches, the only other bad thing is i was let go from my nanny job not long after i told my boss but i think that was for the best!!
    again all the luck with you and your new lil family!!
    Anon_125333 replied to bdeem23's response:
    I do remember you. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one. We were induced on November 25 (EDD) and she was born November 26 (vaginal birth-epidural) at 2:30PM. She is 2 weeks and 2 days today. The first week was really hard and the 2nd week is still rough but not as difficult. I would hope this means we are settling into some type of routine. But my husband goes back to work next tuesday and at that point it will just be me and the little one.

    After the birth it was discovered I had a hernia. so my activities were even more restricted once that was discovered. After you deliver MAKE SURE you take the stool softners if you dont you will tear your rectum, which I did and it was unpleasant.

    But other than that we are good. GLAD to hear you are due in March, march what? My birthday is the 28th. Let me know how everything else is going. It was great to hear from you.

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