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31 weeks pregnant, in pain!?
StacyVaughn posted:
The baby dropped a couple weeks ago, and I felt the pressure/change, but got use to it. But at night, and in the mornings, I get really bad pelvic pains. Yesterday I went to trick or treating, and I didn't even walk for five minutes, and I had a super bad sharp pain in my groin area (round ligament pain?). Ever since than that area, and my lower stomach, have been in even more pain! Getting up is super painful, if I have to roll over while laying down, walking, etc- ouch! Any ideas as to what could be the problem? This is my first pregnancy by the way.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Groin is probably not ligament pain but in the stomach that could be. We have several ligaments and when you tweak one oh boy does it hurt. I started the RLP around 7 weeks. And it freaked me out since this was 2nd pregnancy but 1st viable. Its totally normal according to my ob. Between getting very big and everything stretching pain will come. From about 28 weeks (I was very round and I am short-people were asking me if I was ready to pop even at 28 weeks). I had to have a pillow behind my back, 2 behind my head, one between my knees and one underneath my belly. And I would wake up every 30min to an hour to either flip over and start all over again or to pee. It will get worse for you before it gets better unfortunately but you just gotta push through it because you know your little one is getting closer and closer to coming. Do be careful though if the pain gets to bad or you notice contraction type pain (you will know it when it happens). Then go in and get checked because you don't want to be delivering this early. (My son was born 2.5 weeks early but one of my friends just delivered hers 3.5 weeks early).Best wishes.
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