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28.5 wks - cramping all day with back pain
winenkids posted:
I keep searching cramps online but everything says round ligament pain. I dont have this as its not a sharp pain that comes the odd time, and I don't work on feet and have been pretty lazy last few week haha! I am 28w 4days - Today I woke up with a lot of abdominal cramping and went to the washroom and figured that was it (TMI i know!) but then all day I have had cramps. The baby is moving a lot (more than usual actually) and my back has been unbearable. I took a tylenol but did nothing. The odd time my belly feels tight but not painful tight. This i my second baby and with my first I had braxton hicks at 34 weeks but i dont remember it lasting all day i went in almost right away and then it went away quickly.
I have been drinking water all day, and usually do drink alot of water anyway..
Anyone else have this? I hate going to Emerg as i feel they look at you stupidly if you are not in true labour. Like as if to say "You should know better"

I just dont know if I should wait another day or two before making a big deal
mskay251983 responded:
Hi first of breathe, secondly i personally will go into the ER. I am 29 weeks with my 3rd. With my 2nd i had what i thought was BH for the whole day but it was on and off and not lasting more than a few seconds. I believe your suppose to contact your doc if you have more thatn 4 of 5 per day.I had like 20.Needless to say i went in to labor the next day and had her at 35 weeks.I labored at home until i was 10cm putting it of as 'bh".So to be on the safe side go in or make a call to your doctor. Now if you feel alot of bearing down pressure and the urge to poop (tmi) you should def be on your way .Hope that helps

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