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I have GD.....
missashley1010 posted:
So since im moving up next week yay!!! I thought I would post here and because the other board seems kind of dead. I went in on Monday and had my 1 hour testing and got a call later that days saying I didnt pass and that my score was high enough they are just gunna call oit GD! Totally bummed out. I didnt have it with my other pregnancy so im kind of at a loss. I feel sad and scared adn just dont know what to do with myself. Has anyone had GD? Any advice?
reb_hun responded:
why aren't they going to do the 3 hour test? i would talk to your doctor at your next appt to see what you can do. good luck!
Springmama13 responded:
I have gd and its a pain some times with all the testing, everyday!! But u get use to it and learn to control what u eat. Aince i found out i had it, i already lost 10lbs and that was a month ago!
Plus to much sugar can be bad for the baby. My doc told me it can give the baby low blood sugar and might be diabetic in the future. So yeah it might be a bummer but u doing it for your baby.
missashley1010 replied to reb_hun's response:
I am not sure why they are not doing the 3 hour testing. The nurse just called me and said you failed the 1 hour testing and due to your levels being so high we are just going to go ahead and treat you for GD

I am just frusterated now because I was suppose to go in and talk to a nutrition councler and this and that. I have not recived any information or how I should be going about this. Thank god im a nurition assistant so I kinda know what im doing but I am not testing as I have not been given anything for me to be able to start that. Just kinda bumed out and wish someone would talk to me. I thought having GD made you high risk yet I have not gotten a call back from my doctors office to see me sooner or anything. My next appt is in 4 weeks. blahhh
missashley1010 replied to Springmama13's response:
10 pounds thats great! Maybe thats a little benifit to having this horrible problem. I have only gained 8 so far so im hoping to not gain a whole bunch more. I really really really do not want to be the reason for my son to develope a medical condition due to having this, thats my biggest fear!
lestersgirls replied to missashley1010's response:
Hi missashley.
I'm just lurking but thought I'd give you a little encouragement. I have had four pregnancies with gestational diabetes. I thought it was going to be just awful when I was first diagnosed. I managed and it wasn't so bad. You will do fine. You kind of kick into overdrive when you realize you need to do this to have a healthy baby in the end. Plus, you more than likely will be considered high risk and will get monitored more closely toward the end. That means lots more pictures of your little movie star! And on the upside, so many people have diabetes now a days that there are lots of meal ideas and snack options out there. It's not so daunting once you start looking into it. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy. You got this girl!!!
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