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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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Soccer posted:
I am so swollen and it hurts to do anything. It seems like my doctor does not want to do anything but bed rest. It is not helping, I have lost my mucus plug, I am waiting for my water to break. So my question. If anyone had to deal with swelling, please give me advice. Also have anyone every done at remedies to brake your water?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
How far along are you? Just because you lost your mucus plug doesn't mean labor is immenint as your mucus plug can re-grow.

I don't think there are any at-home remedies to get your water to break. Some women's water never break and the doctor has to break it.
Soccer replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
38 weeks my doctor told me to wait another week before he will think about inducing me. I told what was going, he told me to walk a little bit, to see if it help brake my water.
ccornell77 responded:
Hey there. Try and hang in there. These last few weeks can be unbearable. I am also 38 weeks and this is my 3rd. With my 1st I had some serious swelling. Cankles dont even describe it. Try and keep your feet elevated. The baby is probably just compressing your vessels and that is what is causing your swelling. If your doc thought your were preeclamptic he would definately do something. Just try and rest as much as you can, it will be over with soon. Your Dr is right by not inducing you yet. 38 weeks is just the cut off of when it is considered safe to deliver as the lungs are the last thing to develop. I try and tell myself that I can suffer through these discomforts so that the baby will be ready to makes its entry when he/she is ready. I truly believe that pregnancy becomes so uncomfortable at the end to get us over the fear of labor. (((hugs))) to you, you will make it!
Soccer replied to ccornell77's response:
My doctor is inducing me this week. Also I am thinking I am only going threw this because she will turn out healthier. With all what has been going on I get to go all natural, with labor. I am just maybe freaking out because my doctor said this may be your last and first kid. I am worried I will get worse, because I cannot even type with out numbness.

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