Going down!
missashley1010 posted:
I am 31 weeks and I have talked to my doctor about how often I feel like im going to faint. He brushes it off and explains it and says drink water and wear tight socks. OKay I have been doing this and it still happens ALL the time I mean ALL the time! I always feel like im just going to fall over its so bad I cant stand for very long at all. Anyone else or anything that REALLY works for you?
mskay251983 responded:
used to feel that way with my last pregnancy and my dr used to just say to lay on my left side until it passes because the baby was on some nerve.but not all the time id be at home or somewhere where i could just lay down.I dont know what to tell you really but i understand how you feel ,i just use to try and drink some water and put my head down for a bit. HTH