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Measuring Small
cera627 posted:
I haven't been on during my pregnancy with DD #2, but with DD #1 this place was always so helpful that I need some other prego input. Sorry if this gets long.

I am just newly entering third trimester (at 27 wks officially yesterday). I tend to not get too big with my pregnancies at least I didn't with DD #1 and so far with this one haven't either. I just figure it's normal for me! My 19 wk morphology showed my little girl was measuring 8 days smaller which my doc thought was fine and no need to change my 7/4 due date. Yesterday at my OB appt they measured me and said I was measuring 24 instead of 27. So now I have to have a growth scan soon to check on her growth. Has anyone else been this far off? In that last month I went from no belly to a nice round belly and gained a wopping 8 lbs which is abnormal so I know she is growing...but they have me worried or paranoid about her growth. I do not smoke, eat great, and find it hard to believe she went from 8 days behind to suddenly 3 weeks!?! Just looking for similar stories. Again, I was always small with my first DD and always measured small so I shouldn't really think differently, but docs always get your mind going.
MrsBurt05 responded:
I'm the opposite. I'm on baby #3 and with my other 2 pregnancies, I measured spot on every week. The babies themselves would measure a bit ahead, but as for uterus size, I measured spot on. This time around is way different. I'm measuring 6 weeks ahead! Not the baby-my uterus. I'm 28 weeks today(due date July 2nd) and I'm going to be asking her on Thursday if she's going to do a growth scan on the baby if I keep measuring 6 weeks ahead. She hasn't been worried about the huge difference, because at his anatomy scan, he was measuring right on for 20 weeks(well, a few days ahead). But she's been pretty calm about it. I have been as well, but the past 2 weeks my belly has gotten HUGE and I'm still a couple pounds under my pre-preg weight, so it's not like I'm eating a ton of unhealthy stuff and gaining a ton of weight, so I'm wondering if he's measuring way big right now or something?
Spartan_Mommy responded:
Is the baby measuring small or just your uterus? The external measurement can vary depending on how the baby is positioned (I was measuring two weeks ahead because the baby was breech and now that the baby is head down I am measuring right on.) so if that is what you are going by, know that it most likely a normal reason for the discrepancy.

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