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tiffany3127 posted:
ok well my name is tiffany i have 3 living children never had have a misscarriage i am 33 weeks with my 4th and one day i just started gushing blood like it was so much it came throuhg my panties and pants running down my leg well i got admited to the hospital over night the baby was fine hb was up all night and strong and i didnt have any other issues i bleed for 2 or 3 days and then quit i seen my doctor everything checked out cervix was closed baby was fine well its now a week later and 2 days ago i started gushing blood again but this time it started with a big clot bout the size for a chicken liver and i been bleedin for 2 days and i quit today bout about 10 min ago i went and peed and another clot the same size came out with a lil bit of blood nothing lke before though i fell the baby kickin and moveing not as mush as usual bout she is moveing i dont know what could be going on dose anyone know anything that it could be or been through this before i am very afrid for my babys like and mine even Thank you
mskay251983 responded:
hmmm thats strange.what did your dr say it was that caused it the last time you been admitted.I would definitely return to the hospital as soon as possisble.I would be as worried as you are for my little one and self.

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