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going into labor
omgitsababy posted:
this is my second baby but i was induced with my first and I'm worried about going into labor. I dont know what expect, how do i know when im really in labor, Im really nervous. what should i expect and how do i know when im really in labor?
omgitsababy responded:
could i please get an answer im due in 34 days but im feeling like its alot sooner lol please some one reply
mskay251983 replied to omgitsababy's response:
no one ever really replies on this site try but i too was induced with my first and my second i went into early labor at 35 weeks.that did started like every other but the day before i was having alot of bh r what i thought was bh.felt super tired the night before and woke up with slight cramping and the urge to poop.even though i kept trying to use the bathroom i didnt have too i was actually dilating and didnt know it.i say go with your guts if your cramping alot with lower back pressure give ur dr a on my 3rd and quite nervous because my first two were so different.i have 2 weeks left.
reb_hun replied to mskay251983's response:
was induced with my first two and had my third naturally. i went late with all three but this last one was only 3 days over. they usually don't want you to go in until your contractions are 3-5 mins apart but i would call if they are consistent and not going away with movement and drinking fluids. good luck to you both!!
MRSKuhns responded:
I am in your same situation, but the blog Birth Without fear has a lot of great birth stories, most of which detail how labor started . I love this site it has really helped me overcome the a lot of unknown fears I had about birth and believe in my body! I highly recommend checking it out ... here is a link
Sarah (me 22), Hubby (25), EDD 1/19/11 Cody Benjamin! :D
MRSKuhns responded:
I also wanted to mention you can search any kind of birth or pregnancy related subject to find what most suits you on the blog.
Sarah (me 22), Hubby (25),DS (2), EDD 5/30/13

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